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Singapore Tour Packages

Holiday planning doesn't have to be stressful. To save you the hassle, we have curated a selection of holiday packages. Scroll below and choose a package that best suits your travel style.


A beautiful country in South-East Asia, Singapore, is a home to quaint temples, beautiful mosques, national parks, lush green gardens, museums and zoos, which makes it the most popular destination for families and friends. Every year travellers flock here to soak in the culture of the place and marvel at the architectural beauty that the place treasure. The excellent transportation system is super-convenient for people to explore every major and hidden attraction of the destination. Book our Singapore tour packages to go on exciting sightseeing tours that are carefully curated and designed to let you unravel the place in its best.


Singapore takes the issue of protecting the environment very seriously, which is why it is one of the cleanest places in the world. Our Singapore packages will take you through the lush green walking trails and across the beautiful man-made jungles of Singapore. Most of our Singapore tour packages include a night safari where you can witness the rich wildlife that the country boasts of.


If you are a foodie, look for Singapore tour packages that will take you to the best eateries and food outlets to indulge in the authentic dishes of the country. Chilli crab cooked with aromatic spices and blended in thick gravy is a must-try. You can try a variety of seafood when in Singapore. Some of our Singapore tour packages include the services of expert guides who will help you choose the best from the menu.

Singapore Highlights

Singapore - The Lion City, is one of the most popular destinations with all kinds of travellers. Every year, people from all around the world travel here to enjoy a fun-filled vacation with their family and friends. And because the country is known to be among the cleanest in the world, it is also a kid-friendly destination. Our Singapore tour packages are furnished with exciting amenities which will let you explore the best of the country. From exciting sightseeing tours and expeditions to multiple activities to choose from our Singapore packages offer it all.


Book our Singapore tour packages and set out to explore this stunning destination. While walking through the lush green trails and across the beautiful gardens, witness the natural beauty of the surroundings. The itineraries that are included in our Singapore packages will take to you on expeditions and safaris to explore the rich wildlife of the country. These fun-filled expeditions that our Singapore tour packages offer are the most popular with the families travelling with children and with a group of friends looking for some adventure.


We suggest you to opt for a night safari, one of the top things to do in Singapore, and explore the open-air zoo in the country. Don’t forget to carry a pair of binoculars to spot a variety of animals and birds. Cultural performances highlight the safari and in fact are one of the most important parts of Singapore tour packages. Enjoy watching the tribal dance and fire stunts. After a fun-filled evening, you can stop to dine at Evening in the Wild, a tepee tent at Night Safari.


River Safari is yet another exciting activity included in many of our Singapore tour packages that will provide you with a deeper insight into the aquatic life that the county offer. The highlight of this safari is a boat ride. Our Singapore packages will take you across the river to witness the endangered species of water. Also, visit the freshwater aquarium is included in most of our Singapore tour packages.


When it comes to food, you can easily find eateries and food joints at every nook and corner of the streets. The coffee shops serving delicious snacks and refreshing beverages are a must-try.


Many of our Singapore tour packages include the services of an expert guide who will help you find the best dishes to try during your travel. If you have a particular place in mind which you can’t find in our Singapore packages but want to try eating there, you can leave a customization request with our travel partners - easy and simple.


People from all around the world travel to Singapore for some shopping and they indulge in retail therapy. From high street brands to thrift stores you can find plenty of clothing options here. The Quaint boutiques take in customization request from all the customers at amazing prices.


A tour to Chinatown, included in most of our Singapore tour packages, is a must-visit place for travellers who are looking to shop for affordable items. From pretty souvenirs and trinkets to silk items, this street market has a variety of options to shop from.


Singapore also treasures beautiful museums and stunning galleries. If you are kind of a traveller who would like soaking in the culture and get a deeper insight into the heritage of the place, you can choose from our Singapore tour packages which cover the major attractions of the place. Visit the National Museum, the oldest museum in Singapore which exhibits the historical and archaeological items that will take you back to the rich heritage of the country. Next, explore the Art Museum that displays the stunning pieces of contemporary art. Exhibitions and events are a regular part of the Museum. Our Singapore tour packages will also take to you the Chinatown Heritage Center, a beautiful space in the country that treasure art and artefacts from history. A visit to the quaint temples and mosques are also included in our Singapore tour packages. Our Singapore packages will take you to explore the prominent temple of the country, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which is dedicated to Buddhist Ideologies.


Our Singapore tour packages include an exciting trip to Sentosa Island for all the beach lovers. Book our Singapore packages and enjoy thrilling rides and experience fine dining. Our Singapore tour packages have well-crafted itineraries that offer a resort stay at Sentosa Island. Here you can enjoy in-house activities such as casino and roller coaster rides.


You can also take up adventure sports at Marina Bay Sands that most of our Singapore Tour Packages offer. Indulge in exciting activities such as ice-skating and boat rides. The architectural marvels on display, Marina Bay treasure the heritage of Singapore. From theaters, resorts and hotels to casino complexes this beautiful place has a lot to offer to the travellers.


If you have a particular place in mind that you would want to eat at or visit, feel free to call our travel partners who will be happy to help you customise your Singapore tour packages.

Singapore Weather and Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Singapore totally depends on the kind of traveller you are. Summer is the preferred choice of travellers. The month of June, July and August are comfortable enough to explore the best of this stunning destination. Most of our Singapore tour packages are available throughout the year so you can select a suitable time for your trip.


Being close to the equator, Singapore’s climate is generally warm and tropical and you can find plenty of greenery that surrounds the country. Our Singapore packages offer a multitude of seasonal activities suitable for couples, families and friends that you can take up during your trip.


The destination receives maximum rainfall in the months of November and December - the winters. Sightseeing tours included in our Singapore tour packages are planned in a way that allows travellers to enjoy the best of the city in winters. Book our Singapore packages and embark on an exciting journey to explore the city at this time of the year.


If you want to customise our Singapore tour packages according to your requirements and convenience then simply provide your details in the form and above and leave the rest to us. Tripoto will help you connect with our travel partners who will take in all your queries.

Singapore for Family

Singapore is a very popular vacation hub with the families. Impressively clean environment with a well-equipped public transport system, the city is best for people who want to travel with kids. Our Singapore tour packages offer a family-friendly vacation that comes with well-furnished amenities that will cater to your comfort and convenience as a tourist.


From a list of activities on our Singapore packages we suggest choosing children-friendly sightseeing tours that cover the major attractions of the city. From the popular museums, zoos, parks and gardens to the temples and other prominent places of interest, our Singapore tour packages has got you covered. If you want to explore the best of the city at night, some of our Singapore tour packages also include an exciting night safari that will take you to explore the rich wildlife of the place. We also recommend to take up yet another fun-filled river safari, popular with the children, and witness the aquatic life that the city offers.

Local Cuisine in Singapore

Our Singapore tour packages will take you to the lively streets and markets of this stunning location where you could relish the local food. The diverse traditional cuisine of the destination is a blend of Malay, Indian, Chinese and other western countries.


From authentic non-vegetarian dishes such as Chilli Crab, cooked with thick gravy of tomatoes and Hokkian Prawn Mee, a bowl of noodles prepared with chicken, fish and prawns to delicious vegetarian meals such as Roti Prata which is made of white flour and served with dal, Singapore has plenty to offer on your plate. Also, a variety of delicious snacking options prepared with fresh ingredients are widely available here - Mala potato chips, flavoursome cookies and a variety of ice-cream, you can try any of these.


Local eateries in Singapore serve affordable and delicious food. Here, you could get a chance to interact with the local people and indulge in authentic must-try dishes.


Most of our Singapore packages offer you the services of experts guide who will give you useful recommendations on the best food in Singapore.

Visa for Singapore

If you are an Indian visiting Singapore for less than 30 days, you will need to apply for a tourist visa on arrival. Some formalities need to be fulfilled before you are eligible for the same, including a valid passport, flight tickets, id proof and other documents. Many providers of our Singapore tour packages offer assistance on visa procurement which makes the whole process hassle-free. Please note that the visa on arrival in Singapore is issued free of cost.

Most Recent Singapore Reviews

Read Singapore reviews from real travellers on Tripoto before booking your dream Singapore holiday package.

I started my third day in Singapore from ‘Gardens by the Bay’, if there is heaven on earth here it is. This place has various international awards and accolades to its name. Featuring the best of horticulture, sustainability, architectural design, Gardens by the Bay provides the perfect edutainment opportunity for all ages. There is so much to discover here. From diverse plant life in the award-winning Cooled Conservatories (Flower Dome & Cloud Forest), to towering vertical gardens that extend into the sky, this must-visit destination will awaken the explorers and inquisitive minds alike. It also houses world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Another sought after attraction the ‘OCBC Skyway’ stands 22 meters tall above the ground and these Supertrees are perfect for panoramic skyline views. ‘Garden Rhapsody’ comes alive in the evening with its exhilarating visual and audio effects.<br> (TIP: Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories along with the OCBC Skyway are the paid attractions.)<br> The Marina Barrage is a dam in Singapore built at the confluence of five rivers, across the Marina Channel between Marina East and Marina South. Though this is not a celebrated tourist spot in Singapore however it lies near the two conservatories (Cloud Forest and Flower Dome) and if you are going to miss this place, you are surely going to miss a lot. Once you reach at the top of this barrage, there is a lush green field which plays a perfect role of a wonderful picnic spot, you can see locals enjoying with friends and family, having food, flying kites.<br> After witnessing the beautiful sunset on Marina Barrage, I directly headed to Clarke Quay, Singapore’s hotspot to enjoy the nightlife. There is no dearth of good pub, bar, clubs, restaurants in this place. If anyone wants to witness how Singapore comes alive at night, this is the place to be. After spending sometime here I directly headed to my Hotel to catch some good sleep as I knew that my next two days will be very tiring.<br>
If you are travelling with kids and parents and still want to experience the thrill, Universal Studios provides you various options, from sea aquariums to water parks, to kids club and many more activities catering to a varied demography of clientele. It is definitely a happy place for all.<br> Location: Universal Studios<br> Price: One Day Ticket For Adults(Age 13-59) - 76 SGD(₹3760)<br> For Kids (Age 4-12) - 56 SGD(₹2770)<br> For Senior Citizens(Age 60 and above) - 38 SGD(₹1180)<br>
1 pm Lunch: Take a break for lunch and head to China Town or the Maxwell Food Centre. These are open-air eating spaces that have multiple stalls serving classics such as chicken rice and fried oyster omelette or the popular laksa (spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup). If you're looking for something Indian, Singapore’s Indian community makes a roti prata and curries with desi spices, which you can get at the Little India street. Post lunch, you can stroll down the road and shop for spices, fabrics and oils.<br>
We still had two wings left to cover at the Mustafa but decided to postpone it to the next day. We went out for a city tour instead. There was a bus service that can be availed by the tourists for free which guides you through the entire city.<br> Places Visited :-<br> Marina Bay Sands Hotel<br> Gardens by the Bay<br> Singapore Skywalker<br> Merlion<br> China Town<br> Now the most striking feature about the Sands is that although it is a hotel, the bottom three floors host a shopping mall. This is not only a prominent building depicted in the Singapore skyline but has a canal inside it too, where you can row your own gondolas! Imagine a canal where you can boat, that too inside a skyscraper! How cool is that!<br>

Frequently Asked Questions

 Singapore is located in Asia.

Singapore Dollar is the official currency of Singapore. The current rate of 1 Indian Rupee is equal to 0.020 Singapore Dollar. Singapore packages available on Tripoto include assistance for an easy currency exchange to make travelling hassle-free.

You can discover natural vistas, awe-inspiring skyscrapers and exciting theme parks on your trip to Singapore. Singapore tour packages offer a plethora of exciting activities such as ziplining in Sentosa Island, a fun-filled cable car ride, Singapore flyer tour, a fun visit to Universal Studios and skydiving at iFly Singapore.

Singapore has a pleasant weather throughout the year. But the best time to visit Singapore is between the months of June and August when the weather is cool. As our Singapore packages are available throughout the year, you can travel as per the convenience of your schedule.

The average duration of many Singapore tour packages is between 5 to 6 days. This duration is sufficient to visit the most popular tourist attractions of Singapore. Your itinerary includes all the major attractions such as Universal Studios tour, a visit to Sentosa Island, night safari and a visit to Chinatown.

The average cost of Singapore tour packages for couples can be anywhere between ₹50,000 to ₹95,000 per couple for 5 to 7 days.

Visa on arrival in Singapore is valid for Indian Nationals for 30 Days. You need to apply online if you wish to have an extension as an Indian National.

Many Singapore tour packages have internal transfers included in the itinerary. The best way to travel in Singapore is through Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses and taxis.

The name "Singapore" is derived from "Singa" which means ‘lion’. It is believed that a prince once landed in Singapore and saw a Lion called Singa and renamed the city as Singapura. If you wish to know more about the culture and heritage of the place then you can avail the services of an expert guide included in our Singapore tour packages.

Singapore is an Island nation and is considered to be both a city and a country.