One country and you cover all of Africa


Cameroon is Africa's throbbing heart, a crazed, sultry mosaic of active volcanoes, white sand beaches, thick rainforest and magnificent parched landscapes broken up by the bizarre rock formations of the Sahel. With both Francophone and Anglophone regions, not to mention some 230 local languages, the country is a vast ethnic and linguistic jigsaw, yet one that, in contrast to so many of its neighbours, enjoys a great deal of stability.

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Cameroon has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa. However, the country's progress is hampered by persistent problems with corruption. Although, the country supports good infrastructure and provide great roads to travel than rest of Africa.

You will be further amazed to know that you can visit the whole of Africa just by planning a trip to this country.
Cameroon has all climates in Africa and almost all major cultures.It is home to 230 languages. I mean wao!!