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11:00 am to 9:00 pm
Bridal shopping, eating out.
approx. ₹800-1000
October to March

Kinari Bazar

Located behind Jama Masjid in Agra is the famous Kinari Bazaar whose lanes are usually overrun by crazy number of shoppers almost every day of the year. A place where you can buy a variety of jewellery, clothing, artwork, spices, and footwears, a walk during the evening past the colourful shops in the labyrinth of Kinari Bazaar is an experience of its own. It is, perhaps, one of the most visited markets in Agra, especially for those who are good at bargaining.
Erica Louise
After spending some great time at the tower, we began our ride to the Kinaari Bazaar. It was Friday, and the Taj Mahal was shut, so it was all peaceful and quiet. Riding through the west entryway of the Taj, we crossed the Agra red fort. Though we didn't go inside, we parked our bicycle at the corner of the road to take a look at the fort. We at that point went to a confused, or you can say the chaotic part of Agra, the Old Agra, and the Kinari Bazaar. There were numerous Petha shops, a sweet produced in Agra. It has been said that Petha is started in the kitchens of Mughal ruler Shah Jahan and since now it has turned out to be famous to the point, that it comes in differed flavors. Exploring the old lanes, I could see numerous extraordinary things to fill my shopping sack. You will get an immense variety of ethnic garments, footwear, frill, cookware, and nearly everything. I additionally attempted to try the local street food. Also, how could I miss Malai Lassi? Incredible!