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Agumbe Ghat

This small village is located a few hundred kilometers away from Bangalore in the Shimoga District. This is also known as the "Cherapunji" of southern India as it recieves the highest rainfall in southern India. The whole village is surrounded by beautiful greenery and picturesque views. People come here mostly to enjoy the beauty of the sunset which reflects to the horizon from the Arabian Sea. The nearby attractions are the Jog Falls, Onake Abbi Falls, Barkana Falls and the Jogagundi Falls. Most of the episodes of a famous TV show named Malgudi Days based on the creation of author R.K. Narayan was shot in this beautiful village.
Enroute to Sringeri had breathtaking views of Agumbe heights and lush green canopy, while passing through it around 7pm.Hair pin curve ghat roads at dusk in the midst of dense Western ghat rain forests gave goose bumps.