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Jogigundi Falls

This hill is in the Teerthahalli Taluk of Shimoga District and is above 3000 meters above sea level. This is a very challenging trek as the path up is surrounded by dense forests and rugged paths. This is a monolithic rock structure with a variety of outgrowth. On top of the hill is a Jain Settlement and is named after the Jain Teerthankara, Kundakundacharya who is said to have performed penace here. There is no place to stay on top of the hill and you will thus have to come back to Teerthahalli. The Monsoon season is not suitable for trekking due to slippery paths.
Zafar Anis
As we tried locating the Onake Abbi falls on GMaps, we strayed off and reached ARRS, only to be informed that the Falls are restricted and needs permission from the forest department. As a consolation, he did show us a resting green vine snake in the compound. We did not have the time to arrange for any permissions so we decided to go the Jogi Gundi falls and ended up spending more time then we would have expected. As if we were transported into a parallel universe where the plastic and pollution never existed! On our way back to Udupi from Agumbe, it rained heavily and we were riding bikes, completely drenched with zero regrets.