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Jogigundi Falls

This hill is in the Teerthahalli Taluk of Shimoga District and is above 3000 meters above sea level. This is a very challenging trek as the path up is surrounded by dense forests and rugged paths. This is a monolithic rock structure with a variety of outgrowth. On top of the hill is a Jain Settlement and is named after the Jain Teerthankara, Kundakundacharya who is said to have performed penace here. There is no place to stay on top of the hill and you will thus have to come back to Teerthahalli. The Monsoon season is not suitable for trekking due to slippery paths.
Zafar Anis
As we tried locating the Onake Abbi falls on GMaps, we strayed off and reached ARRS, only to be informed that the Falls are restricted and needs permission from the forest department. As a consolation, he did show us a resting green vine snake in the compound. We did not have the time to arrange for any permissions so we decided to go the Jogi Gundi falls and ended up spending more time then we would have expected. As if we were transported into a parallel universe where the plastic and pollution never existed! On our way back to Udupi from Agumbe, it rained heavily and we were riding bikes, completely drenched with zero regrets.
Rahul Raghunath
The road to the falls is again windy. We etof the road at a small clearing in the trees and we need to make our way through some trails to find the spot. The trail is thin and surrounded by tall trees on either side. They house cicadas and cast fluttering shadows on the path that is strewn with dried leaves. You can smell wet mud despite there being no rains. The cicada;s sing in occasion. I like to think of as a welcome but they might have been in a threatening tone. The path turns into a stone trail that takes us through the forest. In the short moments that the cicadas stopped chirping, you can hear the distant murmur of flowing water accompanied bu the gentle rush of the waterfall. We finally reached the waterfall and it was beautiful. To the left is a small waterfall that comes of a ravine. A tree was fallen across it to make it even more beautiful. The waterfall collects at the base to form a small lake that trickles off into a river. The lake itself is deep enough to allow a casual swim, but yet dangerous if precaution less. The whole lake is guarded by a circular stretch of rocks with large shady trees around. There are many rocks in the water allowing you to walk around and stand untouched midst the gentle waters. The sun's light is ambient here in lieu of the dense forest cover. Watch that you do not step on some small frogs! You can easily spend the whole day floating around the cool waters!
Our first destination was Jogi gundi falls, as we reach the path to falls it again started to rain and we started waking towards the falls, its 1km walk into the forest and few steps down to reach the falls, We stayed n enjoyed the falls for few minutes as we were told by the auto driver to come soon as he will be waiting by the side road,also if we stand in a place for more than 30 secs, the leaches will definitely feed on our blood. yes !! if you want to visit these places in monsoon be ready to be bitten by leaches. After about 10 min of ride in auto we reached a place where we have some green grass land at the left , few huts and forest at the right, there we met our guide who took us inside the forest on a small walk path. The path was getting interesting with more leaches, water crossing, trees and bushes obstructing the way. on the way we found foot prints of wild pigs. it was on and off raining, the forest rustling sound, the fear of leach biting, the light jokes and laughter on the way made the 3 km walk fun filled and joy full.