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The mosque looks great round the year but extremely exquisite during the Ramadan month in the Islamic calendar.
All the days of the week from 11 am to 6:00 pm.
Say a prayer here to have your wishes fulfilled.
September - May
Families, Friends
16 out of 122 attractions in Ahmedabad

Sarkhej Roja

The famous Persian duo Azam and Mu’azzam built the Sarkhej Roza which by no means is less that and architectural marvel. The monument is dedicated to the Saint Ganj Baksh and represents a blend of Islamic and Hindu culture and artistry. The place now stands as a famous pilgrim spot in the city of Ahmadabad of Gujarat and I frequented by a number of tourists who seek to get a glimpse of the tomb of the patron saint. One is said to be mesmerized by the beauty and intricacy of the tomb.
The architecture here is pretty unique. Before this point, there were those arched facades were a must, which is completely missing here. The styling is a beautiful mix of Persian influences with Hindu and Jain aspects as well. Even the cornices of the pillars here, looked much like temple architecture. The masjid has some exquisite jali works. In interiors, infact, have some metal jali work as well!!! Esp, during sunny days, the way the sun light falls in through the jaali, creates some awesome effect. Since I was there at about 4, the evening sun was creating perfect light and shadow effect on the pillars and walls. The central dome has a gold plating. The central adornment atop the dome, is shaped like a peepul leaf - again an Indian influence. And as every other masjid, this too has the entire dome filled with several several pigeons.