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Ana Sagar Lake

Ana Sagar Lake is a lake in Ajmer, was built by Anaji tomar, the grandfather of Prithvi Raj Chauhan.
Around noon-ish I took bus back to Ajmer - spent an hour at the Anasagar Chowpatty and took my bus back to Ahmedabad.
Aastha Maheshwari
Founded by the grandfather of Prithivi Raj Chauhan, King Anaji Chauhan between 1135 -1150 AD, Ana Sagar Lake is an artificial lake. It is one of Ajmer's most popular lakes and one of India's largest lakes. Named after its founder, the lake was founded during the 12th century, after a dam was built across Luni River. Ana Sagar Lake is surrounded by Daulat Bagh Gardens and Baradari, on one side and Magnificent Aravalli on other with chowpatty on its banks. Tara Garh Fort :
Anasagar Lake is not far from here. There is no better option than spending an good evening by lakeside. I had to leave for Pushkar on the same day, so I had my lunch at the restaurant near the lake and took a public Bus (Cost INR 20) from Roadways Bus Stand, Railway Colony.
A good spot to witness a beautiful sunset and for an evening stroll.