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MelGhat Tiger Reserve

Ranges of Central India, the main aim of this reserve was to conserve the declining population of tigers. Apart from tigers you will also find caracals, sloth bears, sambhars, jackal, wild dogs, cheetahs, barking deer, nilgai, chausingha, langur, wild pigs, civets, porcupines, ratel and others. There are also many butterflies, birds and owls in this wildlife paradise.
Melghat Tiger Reserve (Amravati)Many travelers combine their Melghat Tiger reserve visit with a Chikhaldara wildlife sanctuary. It has an interesting hilly terrain, because of which sighting of wild animals is quite difficult. Some ornithologists have mentioned that a Forest owlet (Ullu) of almost 113 years of age can be seen in this reserve. The Reserve is home to 41 tigers, leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, Indian jackal, flying squirrel, ratel, python , chausingha and many more as well as critically endangered birds species like Indian vulture, forest owlet and green avadavat. This reserve, being the catchment area of five rivers, the southern side is full of historical forts namely the Gavilgarh, and the Narnala forts.The nearest airport is Nagpur (260 kms) and Close by railway stations are Badnera and Amravati (100 kms) .The nearest bus stand is Paratwada.
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