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Mud Volcano

Probably the only active mud volcano in the whole of Asia, this will be one of the best part of your trip. A mud volcano is something which occurs due to decaying organic substances underground. The mud comes out and broadens and forms something which looks like a volcano. The place is a few kilometers away from the jetty and a lovely location to explore.
A mud volcano is caused by the eruption of hot mud, slurries, gases and water from the ground forming a dome like mud structure. These are not true-blue volcanoes as they do not erupt lava and are not necessarily driven by magmatic activity. The smallest mud volcanoes may just be a couple of meters wide while the largest could be a few kilometres wide. Baratang island houses India’s only active mud volcano.After having our packed breakfast, we started for mud volcano. A 4 km journey along the narrow road through the tropical rain forests takes you to the entrance of the spot.From the entrance, a long stairway leads to the Volcano area. It passes through a jungle although surroundings are beautiful.The main area has 3 to four mud volcano mouth is cordoned off with a bamboo fence. The eruption was very slow. As soon as we reached there, everyone got busy to make a video of the volcanos.
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Mud volcanoBaratang Island is the only place in South-Asia which can boast of a mud volcano. The mud volcano is the most famous tourist attraction in the island. This is formed by gases and liquids excreted by the earth’s interior. Gases like methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are released. There’s no lava spewed out, but mud in a semi-solid state comes out of the volcano. It is a rare natural wonder.