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Mud Volcano

Probably the only active mud volcano in the whole of Asia, this will be one of the best part of your trip. A mud volcano is something which occurs due to decaying organic substances underground. The mud comes out and broadens and forms something which looks like a volcano. The place is a few kilometers away from the jetty and a lovely location to explore.
Soul & Fuel
Mud volcanoBaratang Island is the only place in South-Asia which can boast of a mud volcano. The mud volcano is the most famous tourist attraction in the island. This is formed by gases and liquids excreted by the earth’s interior. Gases like methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are released. There’s no lava spewed out, but mud in a semi-solid state comes out of the volcano. It is a rare natural wonder.
Nancy Nance
On the second day on Baratang Island, visit Mud Volcano which is quite famous among the tourist. Mud Volcano erupts mud, rocks and gas and the outflow is not called lava but mud flow.