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Radhanagar Beach

This beach happens to be the most popular one out of the many beaches that dot Havelock Island. What is so good about this beach is that it is kept very clean even though it is so popular and is visited by tourists on a daily basis, in large numbers. The sight of the white sands in contrast with the blue waters of the ocean is the perfect retreat for those who need a break from the humdrum of daily life. At Radhanagar beach one should expect to find a number of water sports planned by the department of tourism. This includes snorkeling, boat rides, underwater diving to witness the marine life and much more. As a matter of fact, this beach is famous for the water based activities that keep tourist engaged for days.
Balwant Singh
Radhanagar Beach.The second well-known beach on Havelock island is on the other side, called Radhanagar beach. You’ll find accommodation here as well, but this beach is mostly frequented by day-trippers. Occasionally hit by really big waves, you have to watch out even if lifeguards are on duty because currents can become quite strong. Still, the long stretch of white sand is very welcoming and you could spend an entire day walking along the shores. A frequent public bus is available from the main village (take-off at the only roundabout in town) to Radhanagar. Be aware though, we’ve never been on a trip with a crazier bus driver than this one – even the locals get scared when he drives! If you prefer to go by bicycle, just rent one in of the stores. Still, you better watch out if this bus crosses your way. We actually met someone who jumped into the bushes with his bike because the bus would have just run him over…
Apoorva Appu
Located in Havelock island Andaman and Nicobar. From jetty it is around 7-8kms. White sand , blue water must visit.
Abhinash Agrawal
Next day, we started @5 a.m. in the morning and departed to Radhanagar beach which took around 35 minute from the resort. And i had the most beautiful beach experience of my life. See below some of the shots taken to understand me better. Shots from the first half of the day which started with
Anandita Pattnaik
(Radhanagar Beach, The Squid, Ferry to Port Blair, Coastal Breeze, AFC)
Tejpal Choudhary
HAVELOCK - RADHANAGAR BEACH (OR BEACH NO. 7) Now after breakfast, go for Radhanagar Beach (or even Beach No. 7) is the gem in the center of Havelock Island. It's rated among the top-ranked shores by several travelers. Situated in the western side of this island, it moves out from the bunch. There's not any mean of seeing Havelock Island without seeing Radha Nagar Beach. It supplies panoramic view to its customers. Dinner and stay overnight in the Resort.
Nilesh Choudhry
We ate local food including fish and crab(which I only ate). We had an amazing cup of powdered milk tea as there were no cattle in Havelock island so available milk is only in powered form .We bought locally grown bananas and carrots sizing 10 inch too. After this walked to our hotel rooms and we planned to view the sunrise early morning. Among 4 of us my dad was the most energetic person . He used to make all the weird and vexatious plans and even executes them easily.Again next morning my dad woke up early and was trying to get us off from beds, soon, we all woke up after his constant nagging. We hired two scooters and made our way to see the sunrise , we were driving at a low pace so as to absorb nature's divine beauty, we all were surprised to see lush vegetation and greenery all over the place. Finally we reached a raised platform from where we cheer the beauty of mother nature.
Sakshi Chaudhary
Radhanagar beach is one of the best beaches in Asia. It’s a must visit while in Havelock Islands and a 12km bus ride. The white sand and emerald blue waves with the astounding sunset view makes it a perfect combination to enjoy your evening. You must carry spare clothing as the waves are irresistible and will make you want to take a swim and enjoy the waves.
Biswanath banerjee
Radhanagar Beach:: lies on the south coast of Havelock Island. It is about 12 kilometers from the Islands ferry pier. Radhanagar is a Grade A beach of outstanding quality. This beach is also rated as one of the best beaches in Asia by TIME Magazine.
Somdutta Sarkar
Next was the Radhanagar beach. This is an official beach for swimming and having fun in the water. There are Life Guards around and small utilities have been created for public convenience.
Sunny Singh
Asia's Third most beautiful beach according to Tripadvisor rating. Just an hour ride from Coral Reef Hotel Havelock.
Priya Saxena
Post our meal, we made a quick stop at the Kala Pathar Beach before heading to witness the mesmerizing sunset at the Radhanagar Beach. Radhanagar Beach was voted the best beach in Asia by Time Magazine in 2004. Not just this beach, most of the beaches in Andaman are freakishly clean despite being frequented by so many tourists.
Don't miss it out Havelock island's Cristal clear water I can spend whole day in that water...amazing feeling with large waves.... snorkeling with self snorkeling kit...
Harini Sridharan
4. Witness the sunset at Radha Nagar beach – HavelockTouted to be the best beach of Asia 2004 by Time’s magazine, this beach is the best place to witness sunset. It will be crowded in the evenings but you won’t feel a thing coz the beauty of the place is enough to engulf you and keep you gawking. Make sure you try some of the fruit chats available at the beach especially Starfruit & Papaya.
Harini Sridharan
We then made our way to Radha Nagar beach (voted the best beach in Asia by Time in 2004). It’s a vast expanse of sand sheltered by huge trees and dotted with hawkers selling you tit-bits.
Vandy Malik
About the beachSunset view is awesome here. Its has a big seashore and very soft sand. The beach is all clean and you will find some guards around for safety. This beach really have big waves to watch. It was getting darker so we headed towards our hotel. As weather condition was not favorable so elephant beach was closed, we had to skip that.DAY 3It was 5.00 in the morning we went for morning walk thereby we saw a cycle rental shop. we decided to paddle to kalapathar beach. The lady charged us 200 for 3 hours. It took us 35 min to reach there. It is famous for sunrise.
Vidya Sundaram
It is an overrated beach and attracts too much crowd due to it’s popularity.Try catching the sunset here if you chance to visit this beach.The only best part for me was the bengali style papdi chaat outside for 30₹.
Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar IslandsKnown as one of the best beaches in Asia, Radhnagar Beach is well known for its pristine waters, alluring charm and beautiful sunsets on this lovely beach. As you may know, Andaman and Nicobar islands are well known for its serene beaches and blue sea; Radhanagar is one of the best beaches here!
Mehek Syed
On day two,we went to Havelock Island and spend our day in the most cleanest beach called Radhanagar Beach. It was awesome.
Ankita Borkakoty
1.) RADHANAGAR BEACH - Havelock Island
Ankita Borkakoty
Watching the enthusiastic faces brim with joy as the subtle rays of the warm light fell on them made me smile! One can have a lovely time amidst the waves, bathe, laze around, take a small walk, or simply sit down to watch the sunset with their loved ones. Either way, it’s going to soothe your jaded senses and give you innumerable beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime!
Ankita Borkakoty
It somehow had to top my list as experiencing a lovely evening at Asia’s best beach was unarguably heavenly! Yes, you heard that right! Radhanagar beach is not just Asia’s best but also stands amongst the World’s top 10 best beaches. Once you go there, you’ll fall in love with everything the place has to offer. It is absolutely isolated from all the chaos and worldly madness. It's all about white sand and crystal clear water. So serene, so beautiful!
Arpita Mukherjee
Pay an Early Morning visit to the Radhanagar Beach on the western coast, also known as Number 7 Beach, which is one of the most popular beaches on Havelock and was named "Best Beach in Asia" by Time in 2004. Later, take a ferry back to Port Blair.
Neha Kirpal
The Radhanagar beach is highly recommended too as it is breathtakingly beautiful, serene, and calm—it’s also a great place to watch the sunset daily at about 5 pm. Located on the western coast of the island, it has been voted as the best beach in Asia by Time magazine (2004). A 2-km long crescent-shaped beach with soft silver sand and turquoise blue waters, it is a popular beach indeed.
Jatin Jhalani
This beach is ranked as the best beach in Asia and it does live up to the expectations. The water is very clear here. It is about 8 km from the centre of the island. We enjoyed swimming under the sun, which later gave us sunburns. Outside the beach, you will find fruit stalls. Star fruit and the wild orange were the new fruits we tasted here.
Day 3Radhanagar BeachEarly in the morning, by 5 am, we reached the best beach of India, Radhanagar beach. Long stretches of fine white sand and no one around, only you and nature’s leap, is a great experience to have. The loudest sound, you will hear here is of roaring waves. This beach is a very beautiful site for sunset as well.