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September - May
Couples, Families
1 out of 16 attractions in Havelock Island

Radhanagar Beach

We hired 2 cars and by 4pm, we headed to Radhanagar beach. We ate some food and drank coconut water. We spent a bit of time there before moving on to the beach. Oh Radhanagar, ain't you a beauty! I had not come across such a picturesque beach before. No wonder why this is one of the best beaches in the world and one of the cleanest beaches in Asia. White sand beach, amazing sunset and completely surrounded by green and mountains. Because of the crowd, we got separated where one group was at extreme left and the other paraded towards the extreme right. The beach stretches and just goes on to the right until you come across Neil's Cove. It's absolutely amazing. People including me who were on the left side just kept walking to explore more of the beach and after a while, in mid way, others met us. It was getting really late by then and we couldn't enjoy as much as we had thought. But one thing we definitely did was to take an alternate, half through-the-woods route while going back in the dark. Not everyone joined us though. It was me and one of my friends. While everyone went back to the hotel, my friend and I took a detour to go fill the form for the next day's Scuba Diving plan to Sands Marina resort where the dive center was present. We talked with the instructor for a while who was my friend's dad's friend. She was really good at walking us through the basic stuff. Once done, we walked back to Golden Pebble and had dinner with the rest of the group.
Next thing was out of the books for us. Since we couldn't cover Radhanagar beach enough, we rode back to the beach. This time again while some of us stayed in the middle (as we were initially unaware of what lay on the extreme right side), others went to the end of the beach on the right side. That's where I had mentioned Neil's Cove is present. It's just amazing. I initially didn't go there thinking it was nothing but once I went, it blew my mind. My friends managed to capture the entire sunset on the camera. We stood there getting lost with every passing minute. Once it was dark, we started walking back. But again in the middle we took a detour. Instead of walking on the beach sand, we explored a different route, again through the woods but a different path. Only this time everyone joined us. It could have been a perfect setup to create a feeling of horror short movie… woods, weird sounds, dark, isolated… it had everything. We were not even 100% sure whether this path was leading to the exit itself. But then we saw the lights and sighed. Some of us went back right away. But some stayed here shopping for souvenirs. Unknowingly, we spent almost an hour buying stuff. Journey back to the hotel was so peaceful and chilled with a cool breeze brushing us. I didn't even try to ride fast because I just wanted to inhale every moment of this. It was around 8:30pm by the time we reached our rooms. We freshened up and joined others in the dining hall. We ordered food there and had our dinner talking about our day and stuff.
RADHA NAGAR BEACHIt took us only around 20-30 minutes to reach at Radha Nagar Beach from elephant beach. We parked scooter parking and ran to the beach which is among one of the longest and cleanest in Asia. I was feeling so amazing when I reached there it is really so beautiful to see the open sea and a long field with far greenery on the banks wherever you look. So, without waiting for anything, we got prepared and get into the ocean, lots of people was there enjoying the dip into the sea. This beach is not like Elephant beach with obstacles like stones or corals, rather it's surface very smooth and anyone can run into the water without hurting but still needs to be cautious. All of us enjoyed a lot there until the lifeguards came and directed everyone there to come out from the water. I came out little before and sat down there and watching the sunset which turned the whole sky with its colours, it was so mesmerizing to watch. I was feeling that the Sun is in slow motion mode and want everybody there to look how beautiful it is and remember these moments for the whole life. It was really good to see as the Sun was setting down, the rays changing its colours as Sun going down and painted the whole beach with that colour. As it was getting dark we took shower there to get rid from the itching caused due to sand. When we leaving from there we ate some snacks as we were feeling so hungry due lots of water activities, many local food stalls and restaurants (dhaba) are present there on both sides of road. Then after sometime we reached at our resort and took rest.
Neha Choudhary
At 2 PM, we went back to our resort to have lunch. Had a quick nap and then we decided to visit the Radhanagar Beach to have some pictures and enjoy the sunset there. You won't really feel like leaving Radhanagar Beach. It's so beautiful with crystal clear blue waters and white sand. After the sunset we came back to our resort.