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Kondapalli Fort

Situated on a hillock in the Vijayawada city is the Kondapalli Fort which was built in the 14th century by Prolaya Vema Reddi, the founder of the Reddy Empire. The fort later went to the hands of the Qutb Shahi Dynasty. The Stone tower of the fort is what makes it look even mightier. There are three entrances one after another in this fort. The first and the main one is named as Dargah Darwaza and is carved out of a single slab of granite and the next one is named as the Golconda Darwaza. The fort is now a famous picnic spot and a tourist attraction too. The Dargah of Garib Sahib, a Persian Sain is probably the most attractive part of the fort. The Tanisha Mahal is where you will still find remains of many statues and other items of that Era. The Rani Mahal is the Queens' Palace, Gajashala is where the elephants were kept, Bhojanashala or the dining hall and the Veerupaksha Temple. This fort was the leisure retreat of the king meant for his luxury purposes. The Kondapalli Village around the fort is famous mainly for the wooden dolls made here.