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Nagalapuram Water Falls

Nagalapuram Falls is a short trekking destination. It is located in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. Its trail stretches through the Eastern Ghats and its thick forest covers. The trekking route is 4 km in length and can be completed within a day. A vast parking space is available at the beginning of the trek for travellers to park their vehicles. The trekking route of Nagalapuram Waterfalls is adorned with picturesque views of lush green hills. There are three waterfalls present along the trekking route, and each one offers a unique and pristine view to travellers. Crystal-clear streams exist along the way, and they enhance the beauty of the surroundings. You can camp at the top and spend the night under the clear skies. It is recommended to carry an extra bottle of water along with your camping essentials. Good trekking shoes offer sturdy support as you trek to Nagalapuram Falls. It is suggested that those who don't know swimming should stay away from natural pools.
Dipanwita Das
We had visited this place this May 1st 2017. The place is dry this time. Some small natural pools are still visible. The more you trek in the forest the more it portrays it's lacquer. We did not reach to the final magic pool because of a lot of eve teasers. They had started bothering us. On the way back two of them molested one of us after blocking our way where the forest is secluded and we hit them for our defense and had to run. The molesters again followed us to take revenge on us because we had hit them. This time we had found two people to whom we approached for help. But without helping us they ran for their life. We had fought against one molester. Another molester had already parted this one and disappeared into the forest. This time one of us tried to click a photo of the molester when he hit one of us on head and was continuously hitting until another of us hit him to save the other. Then the molester slit the hand of one of us but this time the molester became powerless as we had also hit him for our defence. Then we collected the wounded, blooded ourselves and ran for our life. We had not crossed the half of the way to reach the main trekking parking, again we saw the molester running towards us but he was way behind us. Finally as we reached almost 1km towards the main trekking parking some eve-teasers started bothering us. This time we ignored them and reach the main parking. As we were bleeding we had taken help from the couple who do maintain the trekking parking. But this time we did not tell them any molester was following us because last time when we asked for help from two other persons they did not help us. We had told them we fall down so we were bleeding. They had done some very basic first aid. We asked them if we can get an auto to nagalapuram village and they helped us to reach nagalapuram village. And finally we reached our home wounded but alive.
Badari Deshpande
Disclaimer – Nature offers its own challenges from time to time. As Nagala is challenging terrain it is possible to have minor/major changes to the designed plan. It is also possible that traveller will have to incur additional costs owing to the challenges arising out of the ground level challenges.Cancellation – There will be no refund incase of cancellationEnjoy the Treknic - A Unique Trekking & Picnic combination
Harita Vinnakota
Nagalapuram trek is one of the most popular treks in and around Chennai. Usually this is a 2 day trek, one day of uphill, followed by camping - next morning teams return. But in our case we wanted to wrap up in a single day. So we started off in the morning from Chennai (75km drive), breakfast on the way - reached Uttokotai from where Nagalapuram foothills is about 10 km drive.Reached the start point and started trekking with a group of 20 people at around 2 pm (yes! not the best time to start but as you will read further, you will realise how it made the trip more adventurous than starting earlier on) - Ideal and safe time to start if you plan to ascend on the same day would be around 10 am, not later.If you plan to stay back ( as in generally done) - feel free to to start anytime till about 3 pm - again not any later, ascent or descent is risky post 6 pm.We reached the first pool in a record 35 mins, the place is very scenic but you will hardly get the space to enjoy the scenary because you are on a mission, a hard uphill trek with intermittent streams and loose stones - you have to keep a watch on your step and tread carefully. We take a 15 minute break at the first pool and then start again. the second innings are harder than the first because it involves some steep rock climbing as well. But we finally reach in about 75 mins. Groups fill water at the stream and descend a steep set of rocks in order to reach the magic pool. Magic pool looks like a simple harmless pool, but its definitely not advisable unless you have safety equipment or are a confident swimmer. we tied a rope across the pool, let down a couple of tubes all the non swimmers could take an enchanting dip too. After this the group went back to the camping spot (atop the hill), we lit up a small camp fire, cooked food for the evening - mostly maggi noodles (Could make for a great Meri Maggi Story), cooked about 9 packets of Maggi noodles for a team of 20. It was almost 9 pm by the time we were all done with dinner and collecting the garbage (NO littering at this spot or any other spot of that matter)we make it a point to collect everything we brought, except for the utensils which we gave to fellow campers.Now the most tricky part of the trek begins, darkness - guided by moonlight alone if you are not prepared for this one. But we had torches and hence we re a lot better off. descend can be slippery and dangerous (with gorge on one side, thorns on the other and loose stones on the path) We took about 80 mins to get down. we took 2-3 , 5 min breaks on the way back. We were back to foothills by 11 pm. Took 2 hours to reach Chennai (good roads - cant complain)Overall - fun trip, endurance test - includes - rock climbing, hill trekking, streams, camping and all this can be managed at a very very cheap price. Definitely recommended for any average person below 40
Bhuvanesh Waran
To reach Nagalapuram waterfalls, search “Arai Village, Arai, Andhra Pradesh 517581” on Google maps. There is a motorable road until this village. The road from Nagalapuram to Arai village passes through the Pichatur town. This village is also the base village of the Nagalapuram trek.From Pichatur, Arai village is around 11 Km. Once you reach Pichatur, you can also ask locals for the Arai village and they will guide you towards you the village.Once reached over there, you can further drive up to the Nagala dam on the motorable road and park your vehicle near the damDuring Our trek, there was less water we trekked for around 5 km to reach aree falls, where the water flow was nice. we were around 6 swimmers and spend a good time there. We crossed 4 pools each are in different altitude and we need to cross one after one to reach the fallsThis falls was not much known and commercialized when we went there in 2012 and my friend cum guide advised us that when you are lost in the jungle, try to find a stream and follow it. It would give you water and find you a way to civilization and finally we managed to complete our trek with the group and reached back to Chennai on late night. It was a worth experience if you are good swimmer
The Nagalapuram falls (Saddhi Koodu Madugu WaterFalls) is located near Arai village in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. Famous for its beautiful trekking route & specular water falls in Nagalapuram hills. The "waterfalls trek" is around 30 KMs from the main town. There are altogether five pools which concludes this route, overall stretch would be around 15-16 KMs. It's easy to locate on the map & there is a motorable road available to reach the village which is well connected to NH4.