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August to December
7 AM - 5 PM
Trekking, Camping and Swimming
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Tada Falls....

Tada Falls, locally known as Ubbalamadugu Falls is located in Varadaiah Palem Mandal of Chittoor district. It is situated on the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The base camp of Tada Falls is located 20 km from the main Tada village and the 10 km trek starts from the base camp covering the muddy and rocky terrains along with small streams. Tada Falls is a nice spot for trekking and enjoying a peaceful environment as the place is not as commercialized. There is a small Shiva Temple on the way to Tada waterfalls. On crossing the Shiva temple, the trek becomes difficult with big rocks and nearly 10 feet formations to climb and reach the destination. There are plenty of good restaurants with decent restrooms. Tada Falls has the perfect spots to witness nature's charm.
A 140 kms bike ride from my place, Tada falls is a nice getaway from the heat of Chennai to drench yourselves in the cold waters of the falls. More than the falls, the stored waters between the rock ridges is something to look out for.