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Tomb of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb

The tomb of the last Mughal ruler is located in Khuldabad, he is buried in an unmarked grave inside the complex of the shrine of Sheikh Zainuddin.
Siva Ilankumaran
Aurangazeb - The most powerful and richest emperor of his time, left the instructions that his final resting place should only be built with the rupees he earned by stitching cloth caps; and that, like a poor man's grave, it was to be covered simply with earth. A contrast to the mausoleum of his wife - Biki-ka-Maqbara
Debabrata Nayak
The important structures in and around Khultabad are Aurangazeb’s Tomb, Tombs of Azam Shah and his wife, Zain-ud-din’s Dargah, Burhan-ud-din’s mausoleum, Tombs of Asaf Jah and Nasir Jang, Bani Begum’s maqbara, Khan Jahan’s Lal Bagh, Dargah of Malik Ambar, Tombs of Tana Shah, Zar Zari Baksh, and other miscellaneous tombs.