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The name of the place means the Mother's Temple and is also known as the Auroville. The name was given after Rishi Aurobindo who believed that all human beings could overcome supernatural conciousness by rigorous meditation. It has a unique shape of a flattened sphere which is coated with golden discs and this is to represent that there are no ends and corners and that the whole world is round like a sphere here. The disadvantage is that not everyone get the permission to meditate here. This can also be taken as an advantage as you can go through the most peaceful experience due to less people here. As you start entering this place, you will have to remove your shoes and be in complete white socks. You will then have to ascend and descent steps to reach an inner chamber which again has two ramps and pillars which do not touch the ceiling. This is to give a feeling that meditation has no limit. Also the white marble is a symbol of peace here and the symbol of flower has 12 petals representing attributes of the Universal Mother. These are responsive, courage, progress, kindness, generosity, sincereity, peace, humility, gratitude, aspiration and perseverence.
ऑरोविल शहर की सबसे अहम और आकर्षण का सबसे प्रमुख केंद्र 'मातृभूमि' इमारत है। कमल के फूल के आकार का करीब 30 मीटर ऊंचा यह गुबंद सूरज की रोशनी को प्रतिबिंबित करने वाली सुनहरी डिस्क से ढंका हुआ है। शांति मैदान में खड़ी यह इमारत इस शहर की आत्मा है। यहां आने वाले इमारत की भव्यता और आसपास के परिसर की शांति के संगम में डुबकी लगाने का मौका नहीं चूकते।
Smriti Rastogi
The motivation behind Auroville is to acknowledge human solidarity - in variety. Today Auroville is perceived as the sole internationally endorsed ongoing experiment in human unity and transformation of consciousness. You can visit this link to know more about this unique establishment -
shakti nayan
One of the classic places to visit is Auroville. It was about 7kms from our stay. Auroville is known for its peaceful atmosphere enclosed in the serenity of Matrimandir. It is a dome structure and has an inside museum which tells you about its existence and the rationale of the establishment. You can park your scooty at the entrance and then take a nice walk inside. The entry is free. Best time to visit is 9 AM to 1PM or 3PM to 5PMFacilities : You have a very big cafeteria there with a lot of delicious Gelato/Organic ice creams ( premium quality ones!) and other quick bites. You can also find a local mart inside which has handmade products like  earrings, cutlery, men/women garments and wearables. Auroville Cafe : Highly rated one where you can have a hearty breakfast which makes you completely full upto the evening. There will be a long waiting there and the staff is rude but then what can you do? There is also an Auroville Bakery inside. Please remove shoes before you enter! Cost for Two : Rs. 500 - 1000 Auro Beach : Near Auroville we have this beautiful beach which is actually really close to waters. On the beach you'll have a line of vendors who serve you fresh prawns and squid. It will be great if you visit it in morning to watch the sunrise. Afternoon has some rush and somehow the beach gets a little dirty then! You can also go for boating.
Sarala Reddy
As usual we woke up late... we are not rushing as it it is our vacation time 😜  Started to Auroville beach on Bullet.. the beach has a black sand with high tides.. There is nothing to sit and relax.. it is just a beach where you could see few fishermen.. We moved to Matrimandir and walked around 2 kms to see the view, we couldn't get inside as it is closed due to maintenance... Walking under hot sun in the afternoon... we are very exhausted 🥵 and finally reached to see the view of Matrimandir.. Very beautiful.. took few pics and relaxed for sometime and returned back to hotel... We had lunch at the LB2 lounge. . It has a pretty ambience.. Having chilled 🍺 after walk under the☀is refreshing. Spent good time at the lounge and went for a fresh Body Spa.. Returned back to hotel and slept badly. We had few pints of beer and had dinner in the hotel room as it is too late to dine out at any hotel..
Bharat Chander
Around 11 o'clock after having heavy breakfast,we decided to go to auroville (A small town in Pondicherry) There we visited matrimandir, where you will find amazing peace and relaxation. From entrance till matrimandir it is around 1.5 km , so It is advisable to take water bottle with you as in between there is no water source.