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Badami is a small town on the north of Karnataka and was built by Pulakesin I of the Chalukyan Empire. This town is mainly known for the cave temples here. These caves were carved out of soft sandstone and bear the remains of Hindu and Dravidian styles of architecture. A major attraction in these caves is the 18 armed statue of Lord Shiva. Cave 1 is probably the oldest of all the caves and is made of red snadstone. The whole cave is adorned with the murals of Hindu deities. The life size statue of Lord Shiva with his consort and the snake is beautiful. Over here you will also be able to find also the statues of dancing Nataraja in 81 different poses. Caves 2 and 3 are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Cave 4 is a Jain Temple.
Karim S A
Shall we get going on this filmy Odyssey to Badami? Is it just "Sanju Weds Geeta" that was shot here? Or are there many more movies shot here? Kiccha Sudeep's "Veera Madakari", and Golden Star Ganesh's "Mungaru Male" were also shot here. The Telugu blockbuster "Magadheera" starring Ram Charan and Kajal Aggarwal was shot here. Vikramarkudu, Nagavalli and Brindavanam are other Telugu movies shot here. Abhisekh Bachchan's Hindi movie "Guru" and Akshay Kumar's "Rowdy Rathore" were also shot here.Still don't find reason to go to Badami?Between 540 to 747 AD the Chalukyas ruled in this region and Badami was the capital, but it was then known as Vatapi. The rugged ravine surrounding the Agastya Lake makes it a beautiful backdrop and a visual treat. There are four rock-cut cave Temples here representing Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.
Mahuya Paul
The Badami Cave temples are a magic world withing themselves. The first thing you will notice is that they are almost red in color! The name Badami comes from the almond(badam)-colored rocks. There are five caves - one natural, and the rest man-made, each with a tremendous history of its own. All monolithic and each time, you have to climb up a few steps to reach to the next one. Its a little strenuous, but the moment you reach a level, the beauty takes your breath away and you wanna explore more.
Arundhati Sridhar
The cave temples -- called badami (almond) for the colour of the rocks they are carved out of -- are a true spectacle in themselves. While the intricate workings on the stone itself are beautiful, what blows your mind is the fact that each of the four main caves is cut out of a a single rock, making them mini marvels in themselves. The Nataraja statue outside cave 1, the Vishnu figure in cave 3, the imposing slabs of sandstone and the Agastya lake in the backdrop are all images that stay with you long after you leave.