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Bakkhali Sea Beach Market

Arkoprabho Hazra
10. BAKKHALI BEACHThe beach stretches from Bakkhali to Frazerganj. The water here is grayish in color since the land, slopes into the Bay of Bengal. There is also a Mangrove forest that can be visited where no tigers are present, making it a safe place to see the Mangrove trees. If you are done taking a dip in the beach then you should head to the Crocodile Park which is situated near the beach and has about 6 crocodiles and many deer. As memories, from the beach, you can buy local handicrafts sold at the beach by the vendors there.Best Time to Visit: October to March.How to Reach: Take the local train that leaves from Sealdah to Namkhana. From there you can take the ferry till Bakkhali. The distance from Kolkata to Bakkhali is about 125 km.Bengal has a mix of crowded and secluded beaches. If you love the calmness of the beach then definitely go for the secluded beaches but if you want to get involved with a lot of water sports and find budget accommodation then visit the crowded beaches. Lastly, avoid visiting the coastal regions during the monsoon months. Hope that this article helped you out!
gouri basak
The next day,we set off early,and made our way to the beach to see sunrise.The stunning beauty of that morning cannot be expressed by words.I found,in surprise,the sea departed way back from where i have seen last night.I stretched my eyes as far as i can,to find the white sand spread over the entire area.The other side of seashore covered by dense mangrove forest.
Gautam Lahiri
We moved on to the local market that bordered the beach resort. Encircling the lodge boundary, long stretches of bamboo roofed small shops had sprung selling shell products. Conks, necklaces, human figures, ear rings, all made of shells were on display.Bags adorned with small shells of colorful pattern were on sale.