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Rock Bar

Princy & Vivek
“Rock Bar” was not what we presumed, it was way better. Just as we thought that we have seen all beautiful places of Bali, Rock Bar was without doubt the most beautiful. It’s so huge that they have their own cable cars inside it. Rock bar is created by carving and shaping the rocks in requisite designs which gave it a natural look plus the sea-shore was augmenting its charisma. There was a gigantic infinity pool just at the entrance. Sunset-view could not be any better. We were there a bit long and enjoyed the sound of waves when it touched the rocks beneath us.
Megha Goel
At night we went for Rock Bar , Jimbaran. Highly recommended place.
Harsh Mundra
Another great place for Sunset gazing is Rock Bar. A pricey place but definitely worth for the location & ambience. Tip: Leave early as there are 2 queues to enter. Guests staying in Ayana resort get precedence over outsiders.
Mohana Talapatra
It has the world's best surf breaks and deep sea diving, snorkeling, dolphin watching after all, the hiking up Mt Batur, Kintamani, and other volcanic mountains and crater lakes, spectacular sea temples of the Tanah Lot kind, wonderful art and amazing galleries at Ubud, batik factories, woodwork factories, royal palaces, divine sea beaches (of course), the kecak evening fire dances, rice field views and of course the yoga retreats, countless Balinese massage spas and oh the making-your-tastebuds-come-alive food! And if you have a significant other to visit Bali with, then it would be unforgivable to come away from Bali without an evening spent at the Rock Bar - a bar jutting out into the ocean (literally!) perched on a sheer rock face! Let's add some risque factor to that romance, I say! Go, live on the edge a bit, like, literally!!That is, if you can force yourself out of the villa and its luxurious comforts at all!
Rajvi Bhow
Bars: Rock Bar - Situated on a cliff and a part of Ayaana resort. Its a must visit as the resort itself is also very beautifully done. While we were at the resort we were also lucky enough to witness a Balinese wedding. Potato beach club - For it quirky window walls. A huge club. Every place in Bali is huge (the real estate must be very cheap there).Also, ask your hotel help desk for the latest bars as new places keep springing up in Seminyak.Hope this information helps you while planning your honeymoon. If you have any queries, you can leave them in my comment box and I shall try to answer them.This trip was originally published on Straight Talk.