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10:00 am to 10:30 pm
October to March

Dubai Plaza

If you are not a big fan of overly priced items in the malls yet wish to bag trendy stuff, shopping at Dubai Plaza in Bangalore is the place for you to be. It's actually a combination of a budget-friendly local market and an inviting shopping mall with quality products that can very well satisfy a trendy shopper. Apparels for men and women, cheap Tibetan products, mobile accessories, and even tattoos; it's all here at this one-stop shop for shoppers in Bangalore.
Kavita Murty
A market that is in stark juxtaposition to its name! Located on Rest Hose Road, rows of stalls offer items ranging from shoes to clothes; bags and wallets to cosmetic products; imported merchandise like perfumes and undergarments and other such accessories. For the bargain-conscious shopper, this is the best place to get what you want and at the price you feel is worth the buy.The basement of Dubai Plaza houses the Tibetan Plaza that is dominated by quirky fashion outfits, scarves, and accessories. Needless say, those who shop here, go back with loads of bags filled with items and a purse that doesn’t complain too much. Mark a day in the month and visit the place that has sealed its spot as one of the 6 cheap places for shopping in Bangalore.Timings: The plaza is open from 10am to 10pm.7. Residency Road