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Art Gallery, Dance Performances
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Renaissance Gallerie

The Renaissance Gallerie in Bangalore brings the finest art pieces from India to a audience in love with art. This Gallerie was opened in 1993 and is one of the most successful and state of the art galleries is India. It has a very firm identity and has a deep relationship with its clients and art lovers. The principle objective of the museum is to offer best quality art at an affordable price to its clients. The clients of this museum come from a different economical backgrounds starting from Bollywood stars, Businessmen, to normal employed people. The Museum gained huge popularity in the mid-90s, when it started its exhibition with a small music recital & dance performance and guest appearances with the intention of making art shows equally interesting for art enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. The Museum also hosts charity events over the years like Set a Child Free, Rendezvous, Qismat and Art Extravaganza.