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12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Monday to Friday- 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday- 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
theme park so enjoy the rides and have fun
Rs 700 per person on weekdays (adults), Rs 540 per person on weekdays (children), Rs 870 for weekends and public holidays (adults), Rs 640 for weekends and public holidays (children), Rs 940 per person in peak and festive season (adults), Rs 710 per person in peak and festive season (children), Rs 530 for senior citizens on weekdays and Rs 650 for senior citizens on weekends
All year
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Wonderla Amusement Park

This is one of the best places to be around with your whole family and it is just about an hour away from Bangalore. They have now also made arrangements for a holiday resort so that you be in no hurry to rush back. A weekend trip is always perfect in this place. Wonder La is mainly known as a water themed park, but there are also children's rides, dry rides and more thrillinng rides. The Slow River ride is a favorite of many. In this you can slowly float in the water through various tunnels such as lion's mouth and then you are dropped from a height into the water. The more thrilling rides are not meant for children. The Dry rides include the hand glider, ray game and many others. The Rain Dance is a huge attraction here when you all are in a pool and sprays of warm water are generated periodically followed by artificial waves. There is also an artificial beach. There are however certain things you should keep in mind. You should carry an extra set of clothes and not wear extremely loose fitting clothes. Carry your own soap for hygeine purpose. Keep an eye on the children always especially near the pool. Follow the rules and regulations when you are taking a ride and do make sure you do not take rides without a break. Do not ride with full stomach.
Disha Dhingra
5) WONDERLAWonderla is one of the biggest amusement parks in India. It's situated on the Mysore road which is 2 hrs from the city. It's really fun for kids and people who love water rides. It has the best and the most adventurous rides. If you like water parks, then you will definitely gonna love it.
Rohan Mudaliar
Wonderla Amusement park:
pawar sheetal
This is actually on top of my list, it comes even before the weather but may be not for every one so I am listing it at number 3. Bangalore as a city is a cafe culture city. There are countless numbers of cafes spread all over the city including many CCD's and cafes like mateo, Dyu Art cafe to Toit, Jcubez and Arbour brewing company. The even best part about these cafes- you can sit there for hours without being harassed by staff to order more and more. I have had days when I sat in cafes for 5-6 hours writing or reading with only one cup of coffee. And yes when the place is so comfortable you will tend to order more and enjoy their different coffee blends. And they say it right - A lot can happen over coffee.4) Safe city for women.This is one place where I don't have to think twice before wearing an outfit. I can travel confidently through buses also without getting remarks from people. I have lived in Delhi throughout my schooling and hence I am not used to being left unnoticed by crowd (ROFL). Here, I have been on bus at 10 PM wearing my normal attire of jeans and top and have been invisible for the crowd whereas in my city (Delhi) even that has left me feeling naked at times. I feel there is one solid reason for this and that being the majority of crowd in the city is educated and working class and hence these people mind their own business. So Bangalore High Five for this.5) Transport options.The bus service in Bangalore is second to none. They have low floor buses for quite some time now and these started way before it started in capital. The buses are still in good condition, they don't make that scary noise that its gonna blast any minute plus it covers major part of cities with commendable service. Now the metro has also started and that too is shaping up well. Couple of high points I personally saw-* I was helped by police guys when I was not getting auto at 9 PM from Brigade road. This inspector saw me waiting and without saying a word he came where I was standing and stopped an auto for me.The auto guy had to take me. Thank you SIR.* At times you do find certain bad elements who have traveled from shady cities to Bangalore and trying to undress girl in their eyes. On one such day, I happen to saw this weird guy in bus at night time and to my surprise, the conductor saw him too and yelled at this man in front of the bus and asked him to go the rear end of the bus where all the men are seated mostly. Thank you SIR. I must say this neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr took place in any other city where I have been.* At Bangalore city railway station. I was there to receive someone and needed platform ticket from the vending machine and on that particular day there were some trains delayed and thus there was unimaginable crowd. I just could not have reached the vending machine without being sandwiched and hence a railway inspector saw me and once again he went through the crowd and got me a ticket. Thank you sooooo much SIR.* AT CCD Kormangla which is in front of Forum mall. I was seated with a friend for some time and that was weekend and thus cafe was full with customers. While leaving, my friend forgot his brand new RayBan aviators and we only realized this after couple of hours. If we were in any other city we would have lost hope but this was Bangalore and hence we got it back when we went there after 4 hours. It was safe with the cafe guys and they had also kept a board saying "We have you RayBan. Please collect it from the staff". My friend was very happy that day and he goes to the same CCD even now.
Le Voyageur
2) Wonderla, BengaluruWonderla is a world-class amusement park that doesn't disappoint. There are over 50 rides, 12 of which are water based and nine especially for small children. If you love rain-dancing, don't miss the Rain Disco - an indoor dancefloor with psychedelic laser lights and a rain system that provides showers of warm water, choreographed to the music. It is modern, clean and green and has major attractions like ‘Wonder Splash’ and ‘Sky Wheel’. Be it the ‘Dungeons of Horror’ which transports you to your post horror-flick nightmares, or the ‘Termite Coaster’, Wonderla does it all with perfection! The Kochi counterpart is also loved by many.
Afnan Mohd