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Chandragiri Fort

A 17th Century Fort, it is situated right on the banks of the Chandragiri River. It was once the line of division between the kingdoms of Thulunadus and Kolathunadus. There is also a bridge over this river and you can take boat rides to the nearby islands. The fort acts as a watchpoint for everyone. From here you can enjoy some of the most extraordinary views of the Arabian Sea and the blue waters of the river. This is a popular place for movie and ad shoots and also for picnics and outings.
Fatema Diwan
Chandragiri Fort is situated very close to Kasaragod. Lying on the banks of the Chandragiri river, it is much smaller to the Bekal fort, but is one of the main forts of the Vijayanagar empire. You can see the ruins of what was once the Capital of the Vijayanagar empire. Built in the 17th century, this fort is well known for its architecture and well preserved artifacts that highlight the lives of the past rulers. There is also a beautiful beach just 4 kms away and boating options are available on the Chandragiri River.