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Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal is a city placed within the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is placed at a degree altitude of around 1200 meters, and is called when an illustrious character in Indian mythology – Bhima. The city of Bhimtal is principally attractive spot among tourists and native travelers alike, chiefly as a result of its proximity to hill station of Nainital. Bhimtal is principally illustrious for the big Bhimtal Lake that's gift within the region. Throughout your trip to the city of Bhimtal, you'll go seafaring within the Bhimtal Lake, as this can be one in all the chief holidaymaker attractions in Bhimtal. A temple is found within the city of Bhimtal, and this attracts pilgrims from in and round the region. Known as Bhimeshwar, the temple was inbuilt the seventeenth century. The exquisite design underneath that temple makes it more attractive for devotion.
Haruhit Kunwar
After travelling around 10 km from Bhimtal Lake on Bhimtal-Naukuchiyatal road, I reached at Pandey Gaon (not to be confused with Pandey Gaon near Kotabagh, Nainital).
Umul Kadri
Yes! We were foreign to it but it welcomed us. We had no idea of what things to do or what to see. But, We got a place to stay in a Homestay amidst green lush trees overseeing the giant mountains. We spent a few hours watching the mountains from the terrace. Then moved to explore this place called Bhimtal. We thanked God and the universe, literally for all these things.Well! So My friend spotted a waterbody somewhere in the place from atop and argued that we check it out. We thought of walking instead of hiring a cab or taking a lift. Life was slow. I could hear my own breath. The atmosphere was clearer than ever. Spotted a glimpse of the great Himalayan peaks. The beauty was spellbound and surreal. We trekked for 3-4 km to reach the water body which was, in fact, a lake. But still, we were never out of breath. People were at ease. It was not a fast-paced life."This is the place where one could actually wander and have great imaginations. "After all, Great ideas are born out in great places like these. Now I see why Writers and Curators travel to places like these. Anyways, I could have walked the same distance twice. However, it was already dark. Yes, Mountainous places tend to get darker early when compared to Cities. There were no Street lights. Also, we had to travel back to our Homestay. It was chilling. We were on the land of strangers. Somehow we managed to get a shared Taxi. It is a bit difficult to get a private taxi. We agreed on the commute and watched the dark mountains. We could see some lights on the mountains.Real Adventurous time began with Real stories on our travel back to our homestayThat's how the driver shared some light on the Story of Nandadevi mountains and its history. He said, "Nandadevi is a two peaked mountain, named after the goddesses Nanda and Sunanda. These goddesses have occurred together in ancient Sanskrit literature (Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavata Purana) and are worshipped together as twins in the Kumaon, Garhwal". And how "The Nanda Devi Jat is celebrated every year in the Nanda Devi temples spread across the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand".We listened to him like young kids listening to bedtime stories. It was interesting to know real stories from people who have lived there. We reached our Destination, our place to hide our heads and save us from the darkness. Life is such that, it will always surprise you. All in all, We got Food, A place, Experiences and Stories that we would have never googled. Life teaches us in the best and magical ways. You just need to have patience. Your guts and the lights will guide you.RELATED : VISIT TURKEY WHY ?Also Read: A New Ice cream Trend in town that you must tryORIGINAL BLOG SOURCEFOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOKTWITTER