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November to February
Sightseeing, Bird Watching & Learning Experience
INR 350 for foreigners

Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Valmiki National Park is located in West Champaran district of Bihar at India-Nepal border. This national park is untouched by commercialisation and is among the most popular tourist destinations of East India. It is home to around 40 tigers and various other species of animals are also found here. Valmiki National Park is easily accessible via road. It is situated at a distance of 295 km from Patna Airport. Valmiki Nagar railway stop is just 5 km away from the park. Bettiah is the nearest town from where buses can be found to Valmiki Tiger Reserve & National Park. Animals like Bengal tiger, Indian rhinoceros, Indian sloth bear and boar can also be found in the national park. Some rare species of reptiles and butterflies are also found here. It is a good spot for bird-watching due to the presence of a huge variety of birds like kalij pheasant, grey shrike, green barbet and emerald dove.
So I was in my home state Bihar after a long time and 26th january was approaching (Just an excuse for the next trip)After a varanasi trip in previous month and after exploring the ghats , ancient city, the holy ganga sprirituality and after a way of enlightment i was more interested in a nature trip to be away from crowds , city life So this time i wanted to explore my own state bihar and i came to know just long trending places like rajgir, bodhgaya , patna etc .. But i wanted to explore something new , some exciting place .so after some and more search i came around a place valmiki nagar . which is still an underrated place .. not many know about it.. i will write a detailed blog soon on valmiki nagar and things to do but this is just about my firat ever jungal safari experience in valmiki tiger reserve what i learnt will definetely help me in better exploring all future safari1.Timing of safari Best safari view comes in the morning so whenever u are goin to explore a place make sure u get ready for the early view of forests . Morning time will give u best view for photography and also there are more chances of getting the wildlife vision cause they roam around more in the morning .2.Keep your warm jackets with you if you are going in winter or even in summer even if its sunlight3.Try not to talk if you actually want to see the rare animals .. this is what i did and the spotted deer ran away without letting me capturing  ..They dont ran away from safari sounds because tgey are habituated to it but they get scared listening humans whispers or conversations .. so just try to avoid if u r actually wildlife enthusiast4.Learn some photography skills in zooming and clicking tge pictures otgerwise you will regret after not able to capture it properly as i m regretting.below is the proof of my bad photogfaphy skill and result of my talks 🙄5. I wi try to tie my hairs in next safaris .. i dint tie this time to take that bollywood feel of open safari but my hairs got very  messy and dirty at the end and so it was revealed in the pictures too Valmiki nagar tiger reserve is one of 51tiger reserve in India located in west champaran ,Bihar .  Its an amazing place to be if you are a nature lover I will soon share more details of this amazing unexplored place.