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Bara Kaman

An unfinished mausoleum of Ali Adil Shah 2 built in 1672 AD in the Bijapur district, which was intially built with the intent of being a burial mausolen for Adil Shah and his wifes and mistresses, but it was left incomplete because Adil Shah 2 was murdered by his own father as he didn't want Barar Kaman to reduce the glory of the Gol Gombaz.
Neha Ballal
Then we left to visit Bara Kaman, which google maps lead us to the entrance of, only to find out that it was a street so narrow with vendors sitting on either side of the road and no parking space. Can't blame google fully, but after somehow maneuvering through those narrow roads and ending up behind the monument with still no place to park, we asked some guy and he told us that we had to park away on the main road and walk the rest of the distance. We did so and walked. The sun was blazing hot and draining all the energy.
My next stop was BaraKaman, mausoleumn of Ali Adil Shah II. It has tombs of Ali and his queens. It is said that this building was to be made so tall that it's shadow would have cast upon the Gol gumbaz. This was planned to be built of grand architectural beauty. But it could not be completed after Ali was murdered by his father Muhammad Adil Shah who didn't want the BaraKaman to be more glorious than the Gol Gumbaj. How ironic historical facts are!
The Wandering Wolf
A unfinished structure with only the Pillars, which was supposed to shadow the Gol Gumbaz. If Sultan hadn't died before completing it, I suppose it would have been a Marvelous Islamic style of Structure you've ever seen.
Endless Voyages
We had only half a day to explore the entire city(as we had a bus to board in the evening for our next destination- Hampi... much on that, later) and so our second day began early in the morning with our first stop "Barah Kamaan". Though an incomplete structure, Barah Kaaman is a complete beauty with 12 unfinished pillars... Originally raised to build a mausoleum for Ali Adil Shah, the structure remained incomplete for unknown reasons. It is absolutely fascinating to visualize what would the structure look like, had it been completed. Interestingly, all the historical monuments in Bijapur are bordered with beautiful gardens surrounding them(check out the pics). And unlike the Gol Gumbud of Bijapur, which gets a lot of visitors every day, most of the other monuments are totally ignored by the tourists... Well, it's a perk for the travelers who wish to experience the heritage and the serenity of these places. Entry fee: NA