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Bolpur Shantiniketan

Earlier known as Bhubandanga after the name of Bhuban Dacoit, this place was named Shantiniketan after the house built here by Maharishi Debendranath Tagore, the father of Rabindranath Tagore. This is from where also started the Brahmo Samaj. This town in the Bolpur District of Birbhum is mainly known for Rabindranath Tagore's visionary Vishwa Bharati University which is over here. The Patha Bhavan school started by Tagore is also an attraction here. Children out here are taught in the open classrooms which are inside the forest of the crimson flowers. This is how children learn to be more friendly with nature. There is also a memorial dedicated to Tagore out here. All these have made Shantiniketan a popular tourist attraction as a neighbour of Kolkata.
Lakshmi KTP
Bolpur is a small village far away from the city hustles, a village with vast farmlands and no barriers to separate homes, private lands or shops or market. It is a vast area where you are free to walk around without much fear about stepping into a restricted land. The local people here live a simpler life than most of us around the country. On the roads and around the villages one can spot women, children and men cycling around going to work, school, or just chilling around. What is astonishing about the place is how cycling is so much a part of the daily life of people. We rented bicycles for 50 rupees a day and drove far through the village in the early mornings and cold evenings. The lady in her saree when rode fast through the railway track where I could barely move with my rented bicycle, I was seriously humbled.
If you are artistic type or a nature lover, this place is for you. Shantiniketan was home to Rabindranath Tagore, and here you could get a glimpse of his lifestyle. Shantiniketan is worldwide known for its University. There is a museum, which displays Rabindranath Tagore achievement and at one point, you would start feeling small. If you go on Saturday, do visit the Saturday market, you could shop for sarees, skirts, kurtas and more at low prices.P.S. If you love colour, try reaching here during Holi or Dol( as commonly known in west Bengal.Shantiniketan is around 159 km away from Kolkata
Arkka Hazra
on the first day of arrival we went out immediately for viswa bharati after checking in hotel.we hired toto cars to reach that place but later we understood it is within walking distance and those toto cars were really expensive to from then we started travelling just by walking.Roads were very clean , charming and beautiful and you will get to see so many very tall trees which were very old and added nice look to road.Inside rabindra bharati there were so many places to explore .we found a map outside of the rabindra bhavan gate and started exploring local places.Avoid weekend trip because this place becomes very crowded on weekend.
Kasturi Karuna
This is the place where Rabindranath Tagore set up the college called Shantiniketan for higher studies. It can be reached easily by Train from Kolkata. The two major activities to do here is the visit the University and the museum where one can easily spent half a day just roaming around. The second is to explore the city and visit the local heart to see the village handcrafts. Drive from Kolkata to the place is very scenic and the roads are extremely good. Point to note is that driving in the night might be a bit risky as there are hardly any street lights.