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Sneha Surana my last two blogs, the focus of my visits was purely touristic and on exploring the place. For this blog, although the goal will be to share touristic experiences, the purpose of visit was slightly different. Last Christmas, my husband and myself decided to pay a surprise visit to my sister and brother in law, who are based in San Jose, California. This was my third visit to San Francisco (SFO)/Bay Area since 2000, and second to my sister's place (first visit was in 2014). And frankly, on every visit, I fell in love with California a tad bit more than the last time. Be it the natural beauty that surrounds the state (a classic combo of coast and valleys) or the general vibe of the place, it offers purely relaxation only.However, the focus of this article will not be the Bay Area or SFO, but a neighbourhood town that not many people may have heard of, called Carmel by the Sea, aka. Carmel. We decided to cover Carmel and the 17 Mile Drive over a day trip, and luckily both, my sibling and my brother in law decided to join us too.Lets get to know the history of Carmel first!!Founded in 1771 as part of an expedition by the Spanish to setup a missionary site, Carmel only rose to prominence and fame during the early years of the 20 th century as it attracted plenty of musicians, writers, painters and other artists since the earthquake of SFO in 1906. Overtime, the town became popular for it's outstanding natural beauty given the perfect blend of land and sea that Carmel offered to both residents and tourists.
Avanthika Musipatla
This ravishing beach falls on the end of the 17 mile drive. Stop by the beach and wet your feet in the chilly waters of Carmel. Shout, laugh and play as almost the entire beach is secluded with neighboring houses around. Stroll around the neighborhood and be amazed with the houses as they are beyond beauty.