US and Australia are the flights I dread to take.So after some 30 hours no sleep ,I landed in SF. I headed towards Cupertino where my friend lived and the 30 minutes journey seemed like an eternity.I was getting fried in an ac cab with no hint of sun calming down.SF is super hot ,was my first impression.Experiencing sun-stroke issues earlier I wondered how I would explore SF.However with some good planning and some grace showered by weather god on us ,I managed to explore SF.Honestly,I was not much excited about the SF city(being more of a nature loving explorer) as much as about visiting the weekend destinations from SF.I agreed to explore SF after my friends persistent request to explore the city on one weekend(I had only 2 weekends).I’m glad I listened to her.The best part about the whole exploration was that I was being guided by the locals.Nobody knows a place like the locals do.Of all the places I visited ,I recommend the below in no particular order: