Long Beach 1/undefined by Tripoto

Long Beach

Kirsten Alana
Fog had started to roll in over the coastal mountain range and it was late in the day but I felt determined to see the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. So packing my equipment in the car and lots of extra layers of clothing just in case…we set off on a winding road through eucalyptus and redwood trees that would eventually dump us out in Half Moon Bay. We settled on Redondo Beach and I was unprepared for the majesty that would await us. It was in a way – more like something out of Lord of the Rings and it seemed reminiscent of images I’ve seen from New Zealand more than California. The temperature dropped so quickly it nearly took my breath away and the wind took what was left as we climbed down the cliffs to the sandy beach. Black boulders exposed by the crashing waves in front of us and red formations of packed dirt behind us, we settled on a spot that was only slightly protected from the elements and prepared to marvel at the colors of nature.