Red Island

Natasha Lalwani
We followed up the main Hong island with two beautiful tropical islands, one where we saw a natural beach connecting one tiny island and another right in the middle of the sea. Last came our favourite- the Red island – a tiny marvel with no beach, just rock formation, and fantastic marine life all around. We jumped right in with our snorkelling gear and instantly we were transported into the underwater world. We saw clownfish, and spotted fish and even found Nemo. The tour was perfect - at 5000 THB for the 2 of us- they let us choose suitable times for when we wanted to leave each island, packed our lunch, and organised kayaking. Our helpful guide gave us the history of some of the islands we passed and showed us the island the King has his home on in close to perfect English. All in all, it was a day in which we saw so much, with every sight more interesting than the last.