Sequoia National Park

Annabel and Tom
1. SEQUOIA AND KINGS CANYONSequoia is known primarily for one thing…. its mighty Sequoia trees. Although these majestic giants aren’t the tallest in the world, they are definitely the largest by volume and people flock from all over to stand at the foot of the park’s pride and joy; the General Sherman Tree. Standing at over 83 meters tall and with a base circumference of over 31 meters, standing next to this gigantic wooden column makes you feel dwarfed by the power of Mother Nature.Along with the second biggest tree in the world (the General Grant) and hundreds of their smaller (but still colossal) companions dotted among the Redwoods, Sequoia and Kings Canyon provide some amazing neck wrenching hikes through what must be one of the most formidable forested areas in the world.That being said, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks aren’t all about the trees. Just on the drive from camp to a trail head, you can expect to stop a dozen times to take in the views of the surrounding landscape. Some roads are at such altitude that from these heights the gargantuan trees below look like match sticks and these vistas are worth a visit in themselves.