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Universal Studios Hollywood

Sumedha Bharpilania
Kritika Goel
As my little sister was around, we thought that visiting a theme park in L.A was a MUST and that it would be entertaining both for her and for us, the old ones :p The West Coast is known worldwide as a capital of entertainment and fame. Therefore, there is no wonder why there are so many theme parks in the area: Disneyland, the Pacific Aquarium, the Zoo, Magic Mountain and more… However, all the theme parks I have had the chance to visit and enjoy do not reach the level of the Universal Studios in Hollywood. This theme park combines both fun and entertainments, and cinema culture which suits any age’s expectations. We had an amazing opportunity to visit the Universal Studios with the VIP tour, which gives you so many advantages. If you have a chance to be part of this star experience, LYA definitely recommends it. This special tour will take you “behind the scenes” and will give you a large range of benefits and a highly personalised service as well. The day was divided in 2 with a “fun” part in the theme park and a more cultural part in the studios. The presence of a guide definitely makes a difference and the fact that we were a small group adds so much more fun to the experience. You get to know people who came from all over the world and enjoy a unique day with them. I will remember this tour forever and would die to go back there! I really want to go again for the Halloween special event in the park which includes zombies