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Legoland Drive

Things to Do The lego-themed park includes Explorer Island, Heartlake City, Fun Town, Sea Life Aquarium, Chima-themed Water Park, a miniature park called Miniland USA, and a hotel. New in 2017 The new Star Wars attraction, The Force Awakens Miniland Model Display, opens to the public in March. Among the six scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that will be replicated include Kylo Ren’s capture of Poe at planet Jakku, Rey’s rescue of BB-8, and Poe and Finn’s escape from the Star Destroyer Finalizer.The Star Destroyer Finalizer is expected to be 16-foot-long, the longest Lego Star Wars Miniland model ever created. Legoland is also set to expand its water park with a competitive water raceway comprising six water slides and ‘spray ground,’ designed to lend the feel of a California beach. Other Locations: Denmark, UK, Germany, Florida, Malaysia, Dubai, Japan, and South Korea.