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Nanda Devi

The Nanda Devi is the highest mountain in Uttarakhand and the second highest in the country. It is also known as the highest mountain peak which is completely in India as the Mt. Kanchenjunga lies on the borders of India and Nepal. The main attraction here is the Nanda Devi National Park, which, along with the Valley of Flowers National Park makes the Nanda Devi Biodiversity Reserve. The scenic beauty of this place is scintillating and the views of the other sides from here are good too.
When our trek leader was explaining about Nandadevi as the highest peak which is fully inside India I was feeling goosebumps. And Ali bugyal also visible from this area where many major skiing tournaments take place in winter season. It was total bliss to watch the entire Nandadevi range from here, we spend almost an hour there. As it is the summit top there was heavy wind there and sun was above our head, ice started melting as there was no snow fall yesterday also. It was difficult to get down as the slopes were more slippery but guides and team leader helped us to go down. In an hour we reached brahmtal base camp we had some snacks and tea. Then we went to the brahmtal lake which is just 300 meters away from the camp. Where our trek leader explained the story about brahmtal how it got the name and all. We spend some time there and came back to camp site it was almost evening and sun was about to set. Kiran and me was trying to get some nice pics of the sunset, we had a small party in our dinner tent with all the crew including trek leader, guides, cooks etc. We had dinner and slept off early as we were very tired.
Everybody don't have enough water remaining as there was no water bodies on the route to refill. Soon our team leader showed as our second base camp which we can see after two hills. And by around 3:30 we reached there. We did our regular stretching, had some tea and snacks then went back to our tents to take little rest. But guides and team leader always warn everyone not to sleep after the trekking straight away it may make us prone to high altitude sickness. Later we roamed around a lot to explore the place, from here we can see the summit point on the top, which we are supposed to reach tomorrow. After dinner that night was much calm and clear there was no snow fall. We can see the stars and kiran was excited to capture stars, milky way and all in that clear night. He took a lot of pictures of us as well as tents, dogs etc. Temperature has dropped to -3℃ and it was freezing cold. I was using all the three layers of sleeping bag still it was cold. And dog was constantly barking looking at the woods. Later at morning guides were telling that this area is prone to wolf packs and mountain red foxes. May be some were wandering around at night.
First we visited the bekaltal lake which is just 500 meters away from our base camp. I captured all the wonderful moments of trekking as much as I can in my mobile. Each step forward I felt like I am going more closer to heaven. The views are heavenly, the mountains and the sky it looks like we are climbing the steps towards heaven. We take small small intervals for resting, our next destination was jhanditop. Jhanda means flag and there was flag and some remains of status where there in the top of the hill. From the we can get a small view of the Nandadevi range, if the climate is not cloudy. But when we reach there it was cloudy so we couldn't see it. Actually it was good to keep the suspense, because we are gonna get a much closer and clear view of entire Nandadevi range at the summit top at the end. We all had our lunch and started trekking again.
Semi-nomadic and pastoral, the Bhotias are known to be excellent mountaineers. They come from Kumaon and Garhwal’s higher valleys, and also along the Tibetan and Nepal border. They worship Nanda Devi, and other deities who are known to protect livestock, control weather and even help find lost animals. BUXAS
Yogesh Pandey
Thristy sheepsDay 1 : Delhi to Kathgodam:Since Roopkund is a difficult trek at this time of the season we decided to trek with TTH ( Trek The Himalayas) Team from 19-May to 26-May. Some of the colleagues had previously trekked with the team with good reviews. My backpack was still unpacked with the stuff from the trek on the previous weekend. So I carelessly filled it with other warm clothes. It was later I realised that I had forgotten may items like a towel, soaps and other basic but important stuff. I reached Kathgodam at around 8.00 pm and met my colleagues. After eating a heavy pizza in the Dinner, slept at KMVN kathgodam.