October to May
Accomodation and Sightseeing
Staring from ₹8,500

Jiva Resort

Jiva Resort is located in Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya. It is a scenic resort with a serene atmosphere. It offers all the basic amenities like air-conditioned rooms, free parking space, personalized services and a wide variety of food. Jiva Resort is an amalgam of contemporary style and the traditional Khasi Culture. Jiva Resort is located at a convenient spot, as breathtaking waterfalls, spectacular trails and adventurous trekking routes are present nearby. In fact, Sohra Golf Range is just a few steps away from Jiva resort and serves as a great amusement for visitors. Jiva Resort has marvellous views which can be captured from each room, and their rooms range from Executive to Presidential suites. The evenings at the resort are adorned with live bands and good music. It is a beautiful destination in itself and is well-preferred by people of all age groups.