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Chitradurga Fort

Chitradurga Fort is a picturesque fortification which was captured by the British Forces after defeating Tipu Sultan. It is on State Highway 48 in Karnataka. Chitradurga Fort is a standing testimony of ancient India's intricate architecture. There are 18 beautiful temples in the upper part of the fort while a huge temple is established in the lower part. Along with the temples, a mosque, a jail, some warehouses and tanks for rainwater harvesting were also built on the premises of the fort. Chitradurga Fort has a scenic landscape with valleys, river and Chinmuladri range. The 7 vast circles of the fort surround these hills. In fact, these hills are also associated with the epic mythology of Mahabharata. You can capture some breathtaking Chitradurga Fort images for your Instagram feed. A preferred location for various Kannada films, the fort serves as a popular attraction for tourists visiting Karnataka.
Ranjith Malugodu
Early morning road trip started at 4.30 from Bangalore and reached the destination at 8am. Had amazing breakfast in a small but great hotel and started our trek of the fort!
The early morning views were pleasant - quite foggy and on the foothills of the hill that hosted Chitradurga fort. We learnt that the Chitradurga fort is the second largest in India, after the Gingee fort in Tamilnadu. We had some hot idlies and vada at the restaurant in Yatri Nivas and started the walk in Chitradurga fort. We hired a guide for Rs.400 - who spoke in Tamil and walked us around for 90 minutes and left us at one point and leave us wander as much as we want.A big area of hill is fortified and converted into a fort with seven walls of security. The fort's name Chitradurga means 'picturesque fort'. The fort was attached by Hyder Ali for twice and defeated. His third attempt gave him victory, besides having taken help from insiders.
Punith N
Got a chance to visit this beautiful fort in Chitradurga, Karnataka and a reservoir called 'Vani vilasa sagara' , one of the dams in Karnataka which has a breathtaking view from the top and it's a perfect peaceful place to relax
Ayushee Chaudhary
Make your way through history at Chitradurga Fort