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Late afternoon to evening
08:30 am to 5:00 pm
Hiking, natural views, photography
December to March
Families, Friends
1 out of 7 attractions in Dandeli

Syntheri Rock

Located in the middle of the forests of Western Ghats near Dandeli in Karnataka is a 300-feet high and 400-feet long ancient volcanic rock, surrounded with rivulets and streams. You can climb up the rock and take in the surrounding beauty. The view of the Dandeli valley and the panoramic view of the Kali River make Syntheri Rock a perfect getaway to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is also an ideal spot for photography.
Vikram Mn
We were told that there wasn't much we could do that day so we first started to Syntheri Rocks which was such a dud. The travel took a lot of time inside the jungle. Everyone was dead tired so we all were feeling sleepy. And to top it the place was horrible. So, it was a disappointing experience. All our thoughts were for lunch from there.
sagar sakre
Syntheri Rock is a huge, massive limestone rock formed due to volcanic eruptions some million years ago. It is named after an English lady called Ms. Cinthera who is believed to have discovered this place in the 20th century. River Kaneri passes along the side of this rock. Owing to the flow of the river from the vicinity, erosion has resulted in the rocks getting hollowed. The corners of this rock cave are inhabited by numerous pigeons and honeybees.