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Batasia Loop

This is a railway loop a few kilometers from the beautiful Darjeeling. The toy train goes round this loop and there is also a war memorial here. This war memorial was built after independence in memory of all the brave people of Darjeeling who laid their lives in various wars since the time of independence.
Simi Bandyopadhyay
A Beautifully designed railway twirl "Batasia Loop" is an airy space with a 360° view of the Hill station, Darjeeling town and one of the most favourite places for tourists who venture here. Darjeeling's Heritage Toy Trains both steam engine and diesel engines are going to turn your gaze at them while roaming around that area. Local communities came here to sale their locally made products such as Darjeeling shawls, hand made woolen caps, sweaters, little souvenirs and many more. In the month of November Darjeeling blossoms in a whole new way with cumulus white clouds drifting away in the blue sky above you. Here you find a monument, a statue of a soldier paying homage and an endearingly gorgious flower garden. The whistles of the engines will surprise your mind and sight from time to time. Few under shed benches are placed, if you feel tired you can have a sit at there. You can capture some selfies with the beautifully crafted design "I ❤️ Darjeeling". Tickets for entering this place : 10/- rurees per person.
1. Batasia Loop:Darjeeling is primarily a tourist destination, leveraging its stunning vistas and fantastic weather to draw in visitors looking to escape the pollution and noise of the bigger cities. Therefore, it is no surprise that a number of its attractions are centered on the views that the town is bestowed with. Batasia Loop is one such marvel. This engineering masterpiece is situated in the periphery of the city, and offers a 360 degree view of the city. It was commissioned in the year 1919 in order to enable the famous Toy Train to maneuver the steep gradient of about 140 ft. At the center is a War Memorial built to honour the brave Gorkha soldiers, who lost their lives in the wars after independence.
Batasia Loop
A beauty.