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Batasia Loop

This is a railway loop a few kilometers from the beautiful Darjeeling. The toy train goes round this loop and there is also a war memorial here. This war memorial was built after independence in memory of all the brave people of Darjeeling who laid their lives in various wars since the time of independence.
Footloose Backpackers
3. Batasia LoopBatasia Loop can be visited as a part of the Toy Train Journey but in case you miss the train, do visit this war memorial that was built in order to commemorate the Gorkha Soldiers who sacrificed their lives in various wars after India’s independence. The entry ticket is priced at 30 INR/person.
Tania Banerjee
11.30AM – Almost all postcards of Darjeeling contain the picture of the toy train taking a loop turn at Batasia Loop. This place should be the third and final stop of the taxi ride before it takes you back to Darjeeling town. It is situated almost a walking distance away from Ghoom Monastery. The entry fee is INR 15. The Batasia Loop flaunts a circular landscaped garden along which the toy train of Darjeeling moves. On a clear day the pristine Kanchenjunga forms the park’s background. Walking around the park and watching the toy trains chug past is truly delightful. A war memorial is also constructed in the Batasia Loop in commemoration of the sacrifice of the Gorkha soldiers.The whole 3 point taxi trip for the above mentioned spots for a 4-seater private car+driver shall cost INR 1000 in lean season.
Arjun Chaudhuri
Sreshti Verma
If you are travelling to Ghum from Darjeeling on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, then the mighty Batasia Loops will fall on your way. The Batasia Loop is a spiral track created to break the steep ascent in the route of the toy-train. Considered an engineering marvel, it was commissioned in 1919 and now holds a memorial to the Gorkha soldiers of Indian Army who were martyred in the Indian independence movement.
Great View of Kanchunjunga
Ruchi Jain
Batasia Loop is a spiral of a narrow railway track where the toy train takes a sudden sharp descent from The Ghoom. You will experience a wonderful view of the garden, streams and falls which will mesmerize you. It gives a beautiful view of Darjeeling's landscape along with Kanchenjunga.
Fatema Diwan
Toy trains in Darjeeling are an amazing experience. Even if it feels like the most touristy thing to do here, go ahead. It has a very sweet, old-world charm to it and it gives you a chance to see the city slowly at ease. Also, a word of advice. Pre-book your tickets or else you will have to come back with only pictures (like me). It is impossible to find one on the spot. Batasia Loop is basically a garden made around a spiral route the train takes before entering a tunnel.