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Batasia Loop

This is a railway loop a few kilometers from the beautiful Darjeeling. The toy train goes round this loop and there is also a war memorial here. This war memorial was built after independence in memory of all the brave people of Darjeeling who laid their lives in various wars since the time of independence.
A beauty.
Prateek Gupta
We left resort at 12 pm. We visited batasia loop
Niyati Shah
Next was a visit to the beautiful Batasia Loop, which houses an iconic rail track and has been a stage to many Bollywood film scenes. Talking around to people and through a little research I got to know that the Batasia Loop was an engineering project taken up by the Britishers and was commissioned to counter a sharp descent that the toy train had to take. Also the place shelters a War Memorial opened as a tribute to the Gorkha soldiers of Darjeeling who sacrificed their lives. On a clear sunny day, one can enjoy the gorgeous views of the majestic mountains in the backdrop, but May isn't the right time for that. It was extremely foggy and way too early in the morning to be able to get the view but nevertheless, the pretty flowers were a treat to the eyes.
Hitprakash Mohanty
It's almost 1.5 km from our homestay and on the way to Darjeeling town. It is a kind of memorial for the martyrs of brave Gorkha regiment.It is good landscaped place with a loop toy rail track. You can enjoy the landscape of the place as well as the mountain view of the place.