Happy Valley Tea Estate 1/10 by Tripoto
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12 out of 94 attractions in Darjeeling
This is a tea estate in Darjeeling and rolling meadows of emerald green tea plantations. It is a bliss watching the women plucking carefully the tea leaves. There is also a factory where you can see the making of tea and fermentation processes. It is both an entertaining as well as educational trip
Inhale the flavors of Darjeeling for a postcard experience of Darjeeling Tourism.
Tasneem Merchant
Now, there are a lot of tea estates in Darjeeling, so why should you specifically visit this one? It is because this particular tea estate is the oldest in Darjeeling. It is one of the first tea plantations planted by the British in the region and is said to produces the most tea in the area. It also offers a beautiful view of the entire city from its grounds. One can even visit the factory to watch how the tea is processed and enjoy a warm cup of some special Darjeeling tea!