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Happy Valley Tea Estate

This is a tea estate in Darjeeling and rolling meadows of emerald green tea plantations. It is a bliss watching the women plucking carefully the tea leaves. There is also a factory where you can see the making of tea and fermentation processes. It is both an entertaining as well as educational trip
When you are walking on Lebong Cart Road, you cannot miss the view of the beautiful Happy Valley Tea Estate. I was standing there seeing the setting sun. The experience is awesome.
Darshan H. Ranpara
The next place was Happy Valley Tea estate, 2 nd best place of the local tour after Tiger Hill. In the way, there was the residence of Sister Nivedita. We waited there to have a click for our memory and then headed towards Happy Valley. Reaching there, it was a very enchanting experience of the tea estate and surrounding scenic environment. We spend 30 mins sitting there and listening to our favorite songs while watching the widely spread tea plantations. We enjoyed a cup of Darjeeling in the nearby shops after returning from Valley to Parking place. We had an informative talk with a shop keeper regarding the making and drying process of tea leaves and also regarding their local routine.It was time to go to the next place which was Tenzing rock climbing. I had a rock climbing experience first time just for Rs.50. It was very easy while climbing, but was tough while returning. A person was selling dried Litchis near the Tenzing rock. He informed us that dried Litchis are very good for Blood Pressure and Diabetic patients. So we bought it for my mom. Finally, in the next morning we returned to our hotel after dinner and went for our next tour further towards Meghalaya, the details of which are in my next blog.
Jinty Rajkhowa
Note: We wanted to opt for a rope way ride over the Tea Estate but unfortunately the service was under maintenance. Therefore, it is advised to the travellers to gather information on the availability of the services beforehand.It was a sight to behold...
Tania Banerjee
2PM – 4PM – A day in Darjeeling cannot be complete without a visit to the tea gardens. Cultivation of tea is what made Darjeeling popular internationally after all. Pay a visit to any of the tea gardens and you will know why! Post lunch, get another taxi and visit the Happy Valley Tea Estate. Roam freely once inside the tea garden and take lots of photos. If you have a keen interest, pay INR 100 and get into the factory to understand the process of manufacturing tea. Visitors are also treated to a tea tasting session.
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