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Tiger Hill

One of the most important attractions in West Bengal, this is around 12 kilometres from Darjeeling and is a point 2555 metres above sea level. The Tiger Hill is famous for the rare views at dawn. The only condition if you want to enjoy this enthralling experience is that you have to be awake and ready by 4AM in the morning. You go straight to the Tiger Hill before the sun comes out and take the last views of the snow capped Kanchenjunga Peak. As soon as the sun comes out, the color of the sbow turns absolutely red and a little later Orange and then turns to Golden which again cpmes back to white when the sun is completely up. This natural show of lights is extra ordinary and is a visual treat. Starting your day to something like this is complete bliss. You can come to this place at anytime of the year except for monsoons and deep winters as the climate is extremely uncomfortable at this time.
soumya singh
Watching sunrise from the Triger Hills is an enthralling experience in itself. You literally stand above the clouds and watch the first rays of the sun painting the tips of kanchenjunga golden within a few minutes, the entire sky turns orange and might Himalayas stand tall right in front of your eyes, gleaming under the sun. 3.Ghoom Monastery
Soumita Das
Well, it will be unfair not to declare Day 2 of the trip as not only the best day of the trip but one of the best days of all times.Our taxi driver was on time and we headed towards our destination, Tiger Hill.While on our way, I was little worried as it was completely dark and there were hardly anyone on the road but slowly we saw other cars following us and fellow travellers waiting in front of their hotels for their commutes.Tiger Hill is famous for being one of the best sunrise spots not only in India but worldwide, reason being the snow clad Kanchenjunga bathing with the first beams of sunlight (the trick is to find a spot opposite to the rising sun), a sight worth a million dollar.The colour changes from light pink to golden to white and it's undoubtedly one of the best visuals in the world.
Cold Sweat
BINGO! After a tough training like army(kidding) we finally got oppurtunity to trek Tiger Hill. INQUIST. This was the first time i had ever been venture to trek of 24km.Started trekk at 07:00,we went through the half of the DARJEELING city enjoying divine nature.There were some resting points on the way. ROOSTED. Stomach down tea,chocos and grabbed lots for the trekk .The trekk was not tough but scintillating amazing view of Darj .FINALLY,we were at the destination spot.All we can see the major famous known peaks of Himalayas like Everest,K2,Kanchejaunga and a lots.Charming.Snapped digital photos as well fitted in mind,went back to our way Campus.The landscape was so ......INDOOR/OUTDOOR WALL CLIMBING:
Niyati Shah
The next day followed with a visit to the tiger hill early in the morning, from where on a clear day one can admire the views of the mighty Mt. Kangchenjunga. Avoid going to this place if you are traveling in monsoons.