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Kangra Valley

One of the most picturesque places in Himachal, this place dates back to centuries ago. The Main influence here is of the Buddhist and this is evident from the style of buildings and the monasteries around. The Dhauladhar Range adds to the greenery and natural beauty quotient of this place. The major attractions here are temples like Bajreshwari Devi, Chamunda Devi, Baijnath Shiv temple and Jwala Devi ji. You can also shop for handicrafts here which found prominence during the rule of the British Empire. The handicrafts include wood carved items and shawls mostly.
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Located in the lap of the Dhauladhar ranges, Kangra is one of the most picturesque valleys of Himachal Pradesh. With its lush greenery, revered goddesses, famous Kangra tea, a narrow-gauge railway line that has UNESCO Heritage status and many trekking and camping sites, it has an almost magical charm to it.An excellent way to experience this valley is with a stay at a beautiful and exotic place such as Garli-Pragpur Village.In December, 1997, the government of Himachal Pradesh declared Pragpur as a heritage village and followed this up by making Garli-Pragpur a heritage zone in 2002. It has elegant havelis, mansions and ornate buildings, interspersed with lovely mud-plastered slate houses.
Another tea in India that you must try! This tea comes from Kangra in Himachal Pradesh and it is unique! This is region of mountains, the dramatic Himalayan landscapes of tree-covered slopes to frozen hill tops and deep valleys.In the foothills here lies India’s smallest tea region and it’s the only tea region in India that comprises exclusively China, or China-hybrid, tea bushes. Hence, Kangra Valley tea is naturally a special tea! The China leaf, usually plucked from April-October (and you can pluck some too) undergoes different processing and gives a distinctive brew that’s gold in colour, sweet in undertone and without the astringency that marks the Darjeeling teas. If your tea tastes lean towards the Western palate then Kangra Valley tea will be your favourite from the list! This soft flavoured tea sipped in the splendid tea gardens around Palampur is sure to give a sense of a wonderland. P.S: The tea here is best when sipped neat, without sugar and/or milk!