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St. John in the Wilderness

This is an anglic church in the McLeodganj. The church from the outside looks completely abandoned and covered with creepers all along. As you enter it you will find it extremely clean and maintained and thus fully active always. Made in the Gothic form of architecture, it was dedicated to st. John's the Baptist and is a widely visited area here.
Another 1 km walk to reach St. John Church in wilderness. Before that there is small cemetery (Later I came to know that it contains the graves of many victims of the 1905 earthquake)Amid tall cedars, St. John in the wilderness is an Anglican Church, built in 1852. Constructed of hand cut local granite, its the one of only buildings in Dharamshala area known to survived the devastating 1905 earthquake.
That Funny Guy
In order to prevent causing a scene with my uncontrollable laughter, I decided to join the others as they headed to stop number three for the day, the church of St. John in the Wilderness. Like any old church, this one was spooky as hell. It looked like Dracula's mountain getaway. Also, it was one of the only structures in Dharamkot, Mcleodganj and Kangra to withstand the 1905 earthquake!
Jyotirmoy Gupta
One of the oldest churches in India
Samantha Mascarenhas
Instead of taking a bus back from Dal Lake to McleodGanj, we decided to walk the route. That is when we stumbled upon this eerie site - tall trees, shrubs, cobbled stone pathway and in the middle of it all a Church of Gothic architecture (the evening sky made for a perfect scene for a horror movie). Church of St.John in the Wilderness is rightly named as it is surrounded by dense deodar forests. Looking at the structure it is hard to say that this Church survived a major earthquake in 1905.
Mitali Chakraborty
Want a taste of spookiness with old British architecture and a date with dead celebrities? Well you can head off to this church. Just off the main road into McLeod, this brooding church (dating from 1852 is one of the few remaining traces of McLeod's days as a British hill station. It’s open on Sunday mornings for a weekly 10 a.m. service. The huge cemetery contains the graves of many victims of the 1905 earthquake, as well as the tomb of the Earl of Elgin, 23rd Viceroy of India.