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Diu Fort

The Diu Fort, is situated on the west bank of India in Diu, a Union Territory, controlled by the Government of India. The post was constructed by the Portuguese amid their pilgrim principle of the Diu island. The Diu town is situated toward the fort's west. The post was implicit 1535 resulting to a guard collusion produced by Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat and the Portuguese while Humayun, the Mughal Emperor battled to attach this region. Development of the fortress was begun in October and finished in March, with the Portuguese constrained work putting their full might. The fortification is an extensive and great structure on the shoreline of the Diu island. It summons a brilliant perspective of the ocean. It skirts the ocean on three sides. The external mass of the stronghold was fabricated along the coast line. The internal divider had bastions on which weapons were mounted.
Siddharth Patel
Day 2 at diu we planned to visit Diu Fort and near by places.And Noon we lunch and Hotel Apna, the food is gud. After that we move to nagva Beach and chill der for a moment....
Apeksha Mahto
It was noon when we reached Diu, we took diversion route from Somnath due to expressway construction. First, we visited Diu fort, built by the Portuguese for the protection, when Humayun the Mughal emperor tried to annex the territory. The fort is huge but not all is open for visitors. The govt offices are built in area which are in good condition. The fort is ruined to a great extend, they still have cannons on display at fort wall. The fort is on the coast and among one of Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World. There is St. Paul’s and St. Thomas church in the vicinity, the later one is turned to Museum to hold the artifacts. The museum were closed, so we just saw them from outside and went to Naida Caves.
Himanshu Garg
This day we have to explore Diu . Well Diu comprises of all the good things it has all type of places to see from memorial to museum . From Beaches to Caves to explore. This is UT so no law apply which apply in Gujarat so people often came here to have a drink and eat Non veg and there can be quite a rush during weekend.We can have all type of water sports here from skeeing jet to para sailing , boat ride and anything you can imagine . After beaches we headed toward Dir fort it also consist of the Diu jail , fort is huge and with child don’t forget to bring stroller so baby can relax and take nap. Around 2-3 hrs you can spend here .After diu fort we headed to Nadia caves . A very peaceful and beautiful place to see the rock cave and very instagram able place too. You can head to local market or Diu museum as well. It all depends on one likes and dislikes. Next day we were having flight back to delhi. No direct flight to delhi from diu. So same connecting flight from Mumbai .
Chirra Akhil
Getting into the architecture of this place it purely reflects the Portugal style and, one can find carvings of Portuguese along the walls. The outer wall of the fort stands along the coastline and, canons mounted on the bastions of the inner wall. It even has a church and temple but, the quintessential lighthouse standing alone marks its authority over the place.
This place is what diu is famous for. Portuguese made this fort according to war strategy. Fort is sorrounded by sea from three sides and very similar to European forts. Fort has a very famous light house, which is also a famous view point. I walked through the fort, sitting and looking at the historical monuments within the fort and learning about Eurpoean style of war art. Cannons are still there in the fort, beautifully preserved. Take your time to explore the fort and sit relax for hours. No entry ticket required.From here you will have a close look at Pani kotha, which is a jail, in middle of sea. This place is closed for tourists now.