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Diu Fort

The Diu Fort, is situated on the west bank of India in Diu, a Union Territory, controlled by the Government of India. The post was constructed by the Portuguese amid their pilgrim principle of the Diu island. The Diu town is situated toward the fort's west. The post was implicit 1535 resulting to a guard collusion produced by Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat and the Portuguese while Humayun, the Mughal Emperor battled to attach this region. Development of the fortress was begun in October and finished in March, with the Portuguese constrained work putting their full might. The fortification is an extensive and great structure on the shoreline of the Diu island. It summons a brilliant perspective of the ocean. It skirts the ocean on three sides. The external mass of the stronghold was fabricated along the coast line. The internal divider had bastions on which weapons were mounted.
Kabira Speaking
सैर करें दिउ फोर्ट और लाइटहाउस की.
Sonal Agarwal
Apart from its clean beaches, Diu is also popularly know for its water sports. Be it paragliding, water jets or cliff jumping, Diu attracts adventure enthusiasts from all over the world in large numbers. Diu Fort provide as an amazing location to let go of all your fear and jump into the water body. Also shot in some fictional films, this site has gained popularity after its guest appearance in these films.
neha ballal
As we were exploring the narrow streets I got a call from the owner saying “you liar, how could you lie being a girl. Get back the scooty this instant’. There went our plans of being smart for the day down the drain. . .Standing on the street, thinking what to do next we happened to be near a Muslim wedding celebration.So as anyone would have done, we gate crashed the celebrations. We ate the snacks provided. Took photos as a tourist of those people and spent the next hour there being treated like celebrities until we got kicked out by the bride’s mother.
neha ballal
We then went to Diu fort which is surrounded by the sea on one side and is in ruins. It was an abandoned old fort which housed numerous buildings from a jail to church and a lighthouse. The day was getting hotter and Diu being next to the sea is pretty humid. Wiping away our sweat and drinking tender coconut water, we explore the ruins at the fort until we came to a spot with a beautify view of the ocean where we decided to settle until the sun became more tolerable.
Chirag Panpalia
The nearest tourist spot was Diu fort and being there we felt like we are in the British era of the 17th century, the architecture of fort, the location of the fort (it was built in front of the sea) and the canons (most importantly). That day rain was pouring from the morning and the scenery of fort was ineffable. It took us about two hours to tour all fort, found old prison and church in it.