9:30 AM to 1:30 AM
Kerala, South Indian
Rs. 300 for two people (approx.)

Pai Dosa

This is one of the best a legitimate Dosa Speciality eatery in Kerala.Located at the M G Road, Ernakulam ,Kochi. You get every one of the assortments of Dosa's here on both veg and Non veg. At first they had 36 sorts of Dosa's and now they have more than 100 sorts and the eager Pai Family is still on the exploration to include more. Its simply like a road sustenance joint . People from all kinds of different backgrounds come there including celebrities, Politicians, Sports Personalities and Corporate Executives and obviously families. The sustenance is accessible till 1 am in the morning. With 100 assortments of dosas, it will take numerous visits to taste at any rate some of them. Pai group is generally vegan however the joint offers egg dosas including duck and quail. Few portion in the menu have amusing names like volvo, thattil kutty dosa, bheeman cook, and so forth.