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Enchey Monastery

In close vicinity of Gangtok, stands the Enchey Monastery (3 km far from the town focus) on top of a hill. The site on which the monastery stands is accepted to be honored by the renowned tantric master Druptob Karpo. It is said that this loved master, who had flying ability, traveled to this site from Maenam Hill in south Sikkim and manufactured a little hermitage. Later, amid the rule of Sikyong Tulku in the mid nineteenth century, the monastery was built and given the shape of a Chinese Pagoda. The Monastery building is a little and basic two storied structure encircled by tall pine trees. The special highlights of monastery are the wall paintings portraying the protective god and wheel of law on the porch. The three Gods worshipped in this monastery are Buddha, Loki Sharia and Guru Padmasambhava. The yearly celebration of Enchey is praised on the eighteenth to nineteenth day of the twelfth month of the Tibetan timetable which is January.
pooja mallela
this is a temple of Lord Buddha. the walls in the temple are engraved. You will find them very interesting. It basically is a Vidyapeeth for the children who are into Buddhism. There is a viewpoint over here which gives you a view of the Gangtok city.WATERFALLSThere are soo many waterfalls in this city.you will find them while travelling to ganeshtok and on the path leading to Tashi viewpoint. But the famous ones are LHASA, BON JAKHRI, BAKTHANG FALLS. These are pretty much famous and are totally worth watching.
Neha Anand
Isn’t it gorgeous? It was absolute bliss to spend such a peaceful time here. After spending almost 30-40 minutes in Enchey monastery, I decided to walk and explore the city instead of hiring a taxi and I was so happy about my decision. While walking down, I asked local people about other monasteries in and around and I got to know about one place, which was hardly 200 meters down the road. I followed the navigation guide offered by Sikkim localities and reached to this gorgeous monastery. So, this is my suggestion guys, don’t always just look for a tourist spot which is well known and published. Explore and you may find something exceptional.
Sneha Roy
After the Flower Exhibition Centre, we headed towards the Enchey Monastery. The distance between the above is a short one. I personally chose this monastery over the others because of its religious significance and interesting history. "Enchey Monastery" literary means "Solitary Monastery". Built during 1909, with an amazing view of Kanchenjunga ranges this, place will never fail to find your inner self, peace and solitary. One's search for peace, love and faith can certainly end here. It can easily be declared as one's "Zen Place".Entry Time :- 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Entry Free :- NoneFolk Lore story:- According to the local legends, Guru Padmasambhava (8th century Buddhist master), has restrained the spirits of Khangchendzonga, Yabdean, and Mahakala here.
Amit Kumar Sharma
First Stop : Enchey Monastery - A small yet beautiful place, not much crowded. Monk kids were playing football was delight to watch with beautiful colourful houses on the hills. I was surprised people were putting chocolate cakes as prasad, delicious. We chilled out for some time decided to move on.
Niyati Mavinkurve
9. Enchey Monastery:It is located 3kms north east of Gangtok. The name enchey means ‘the solitary temple’. In the month of January, “Chaam”, a religious dance is held at the monastery.