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Har Ki Doon Valley

A valley situated at 3500m above sea level surrounded by snow-capped mountains and alpine vegetation, the 25km trek to this valley stretches across 2 days, from Taluka village to Seema and from Seema to Har ki Doon.
Just as the name means, har ki doon trek is literally walking through the valley of gods . With a detour to ruinsara tal included in the itinerary it becomes extremely strenuous , almost 80 km long but a perfect and complete trek .The way nature keeps rewarding us with her spectacular beauty keeps pushing us all the way up and never lets anyone give up ,no matter how hard they have to push their limits. I still cant quite figure out how our lazy unfit asses were able to complete it , with a 15 kg load on each of our backs .
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हर की दून घाटी : उत्तराखंड में आकर्षण और भगवान की घाटी
9. हर की दून हिल स्टेशन हर की दून के पहाड़ियाँ, गढ़वाल हिमालय में समुद्र तल से 3566 मीटर की ऊँचाई पर स्थित है, जो चोटियों और घने जंगलों से घिरा है। यह ट्रेक हरिद्वार से लेकर, जो गंगा नदी के तट पर है, और यमुनोत्री, जो यमुना नदी का स्रोत है, के बीच स्थित हैं।
ItineraryDay 1: Dehradun to Sankri - 8 h driveAdditional InfomationModerateThis trek can be done by anyone with moderate fitness level and children over 8 years of age!Duration: 7 Nights, 8 DaysMaximum Altitude:3,510 meters - Har ki Dun3,600 meters - Ruinsara lake3,700 meters - Marinda TalTemperatures20°C Max/ 5°C Min - Summers10° Max/ -10° Min - WintersThe campsite at Har ki Dun is the coldest among all the camps. The trail receives a lot of sunlight and is pleasant during the day.Road Head(s)SankriBest MonthsApril to JuneSeptember to DecemberPossible in other months subject to weather conditions
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Within few stops we reached the peak at around 1 PM. We had our camp pitched in a literally shitty place but the view we got was amazing. Thanks to the sun we were able to dry off our sleeping bag and dresses. Pradeep decided that he'd sunbath for some time.I went around here and there, took some selfies, kept on staring at the mountain as if looking at a nude woman for the first time and got inside the tent.The sun was getting too heavy for me. After a short nap of about half an hour we went to a place from where we could see glacier. But we saw Jayasuriya there, again royal treatment. We took a couple of photos and returned back to our campsite.That night I didn't want to risk on getting cold. I wore thermals, double socks, gloves, skull cap and everything to keep me warm because the next day we were supposed to get up at five and go to see the glacier. Thanks to all the warm clothing I had a good night's sleep.Day 4 - Har Ki Doon to Glacier to Har Ki Doon to Osla We got up at 5 AM and started our trek to the glacier. Lakshmi decided that she'd not be coming so she safeguarded our tents.