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October- March
Holiday resort

Om Beach Resort

Located right on top of a hill adjacent to the Om Beach, this is a beautiful holiday resort and the personal favorite of a lot of people who have been here. The experience here is more of a home away from home. These are one storey cottage like houses with big A/C rooms and very standard amenities. The food served is tasty and cheap too. All over if you want to stay in a very nice place within a limited budget, this is the best for you.
Sagnik Basu
A resort which will lure you with every possible attraction in their arsenal to turn your trip into a indoor one. After a long day on the beach, proper food and hospitality is what you deserve and it is what you have reserved. As the dusk struck we stepped out with our torch and tacos(bring your own, you wont' get then there) and walked till we could see nothing but campfires after every twenty minutes. Which is what we did on the second day. Good food, beverages, new people, sound of waves crashing and the moonlight will make your stay remarkable. During the morning we explored the local markets and snorkeled in the crystal clear water of OM beach. You can try hard but every penny would be bound to be worth every second of your stay.