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Half Moon Beach

Another one of the four beautiful beaches of the beach town of Gokarna, this is quite a popular one. The name is derived from the fact that this beach is of the shape of a semi- circle or a half moon. The terrain here is smooth and is thus a perfect place for swimming and diving. You can either enjoy these water activities or simply laze along the beach by taking a stroll. Picnic is a common activity enjoyed here. There are no holiday resorts around this beach and the only eatery or restaurant on the beach side is the 'Shantie's'.
Ronak Vora
Follow the narrow trail from Om Beach through the lush forests and thorny bushes before opening out on to the golden sandy shores of Half Moon. Part of its appeal lies in its slightly adventurous accessibility that makes it all the more exclusive
After spending some time in this beautiful beach, it was time for our next- The exotic sounding Half Moon Beach. As like in Kudle, there was a staircase at the end of the coast which leads to Half Moon Beach. The trek is an adventurous one and I would advise you to watch your feet as the trail is narrow and a slip may prove fatal. The dogs here are very friendly and one decided to trek along with us to Half Moon Beach. Once you cover halfway, on your right you can see the Arabian Sea sprawling out like a shimmering blue blanket. As you trek down, you’ll see a curved coastline resembling a half moon, hence the name. This beach is pretty secluded from the other beaches and people rarely visit. If you are planning to camp for the night, this beach would be the ideal place to get away from everyone and just lie down and stare at the stars.
Half Moon Beach
At around noon we decided to trek our way up through the mountains to reach the Half Moon beach located on the other side. It's a relatively easy trek and the views (specially the cliff view) are just wow. Just a tip here, don't plan to trek during noon, as the strong sun might really take a toll on you (early mornings and little later in the afternoon would be superb).The Half Moon beach is really a hidden gem. Such a peaceful quite little beach with people just lazing and swimming around. The beach also has very few basic shacks where we had our lunch. One can also trek further to reach the Paradise beach, but we just wanted to laze around, get a tan and enjoy the vibes around.
akanksha siwach