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September - May
Friends, Couples
4 out of 11 attractions in Gokarna

Half Moon Beach

Supriya Sahu
Next to Om Beach lies Half Moon Beach. From Om Beach, there are two ways to reach Half-Moon Beach - Ferry and Trek. If you are tired or have older adults or children, it is wise to hire a ferry. If you are healthy and want to feel your breath, you can reach here by trekking. It is smaller but very less populated. You can lay back here, talk out those long waiting thoughts, cherish the past and make future memories.
Vikram Mn
The group which had gone before us were there in the beach. They looked like an elderly group. As soon as we set foot, we tagged the place and uploaded the photos. Apart from us two groups there weren't anyone in the beach. The beach was small with rocks and all. Paradise Beach
Vishal B
From Belekan Beach there’s hike to cluster of some beautiful isolated beaches. Starting with Paradise Beach, Small Hell Beach, Moonlight beach and Half Moon Beach. All of these are just tiny little glimpse of hidden paradises. There are a few shacks and cafes on some of these beaches.
Saharsh Pandey
2. Half Moon BeachA blessing for nature enthusiasts, this beach is the best place to go to if you wish to spend some time alone, or with loved ones, while capturing the stunning sunsets and nature views. Moreover, you can also spot dolphins from this beach if you get lucky.We got lucky that day and saw so many little cute Dolphins by sitting quietly in the cliff. It is worth to experience.
After spending some time in this beautiful beach, it was time for our next- The exotic sounding Half Moon Beach. As like in Kudle, there was a staircase at the end of the coast which leads to Half Moon Beach. The trek is an adventurous one and I would advise you to watch your feet as the trail is narrow and a slip may prove fatal. The dogs here are very friendly and one decided to trek along with us to Half Moon Beach. Once you cover halfway, on your right you can see the Arabian Sea sprawling out like a shimmering blue blanket. As you trek down, you’ll see a curved coastline resembling a half moon, hence the name. This beach is pretty secluded from the other beaches and people rarely visit. If you are planning to camp for the night, this beach would be the ideal place to get away from everyone and just lie down and stare at the stars.