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Om Beach

Out of the four pristine beaches here, the Om Beach is also named as the Gokarna Beach. The name 'Om' comes from the fact that the beach makes a perfect symbol of 'Om' here. It is a beautiful place but not fit for swimming as the slope is steep and thus the waves are a bit fierce. You can enjoy a picnic here or walk along the beach admiring the beautiful sceneries filled with greenery. There is also a hill nearby on top of which the famous Om Beach Resort is situated. From on top of this hill you can get clear panoramic views of the whole town.
Parties are done and It’s a Happy New Year for Everyone!Yeah, blessed to enjoy the first day of year in a leisure way. We chilled out the day having sun bath at the shore of Om Beach and spent some good time visiting other famous Beach shores of Gokarna. Out of all Half-moon and Paradise were secluded and more enchanting!
Nihar Sawade
Waking up to a beautiful view of Gokarna beach, we had our breakfast and left zostel to explore gokarna. Gokarna is famous for its calm beaches. We only visited a couple of beaches namely Om beach, Kudle beach as time didn’t allow us more. But we made sure to relax ourselves after a couple of hectic days, as we just sat on the beach and shack for couple of hours enjoying the sea and it’s calmness. In the evening as we returned to Zostel, we had our dinner in the Cafe with live screening of a cricket match. Well that’s a perfect end to the day for us Indians!
So today we planned to visit Om beach and Namaste cafe which are quite popular. Yet again our day started with the lush green roads and sea view with  good food at Namaste cafe. Post that I did a little shopping. The boating here took us to 5 different places which includes paradise beach, half Moon beach, light house and couple more. We had an option to get down in those beaches and come back when the next boat arrives. But we need to take our own things as we don't have any shack or cafe there and these are sort of private beaches with beautiful view, palm trees and mountains.We spent some time at the Om beach as I love sunsets and yeah I have got some really cool pictures too 🙈We spent the night at Kudle beach chilling at a shack and staying in the beach until midnight again!
Ronak Vora
The beach features stunning rock creations where its outline is clearly visible in the OM shape. Also the most famous beach in Gokarna.
Nancy Johri