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November - January
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Om Beach

Out of the four pristine beaches here, the Om Beach is also named as the Gokarna Beach. The name 'Om' comes from the fact that the beach makes a perfect symbol of 'Om' here. It is a beautiful place but not fit for swimming as the slope is steep and thus the waves are a bit fierce. You can enjoy a picnic here or walk along the beach admiring the beautiful sceneries filled with greenery. There is also a hill nearby on top of which the famous Om Beach Resort is situated. From on top of this hill you can get clear panoramic views of the whole town.
1. TRIPPR Accommodation- Dorms, Cottage, TentLocation- right at Gokarna Main beach, only con is no direct access to the road.Food- one of the best omelets sandwiches in Gokarna (quite literally) and affordable.My thoughts- an excellent stay option location is the best thing. Unfortunately, while I was there, they had some maintenance issues other than that good affordable option.
Nidhi Bhatiwara
Then we headed to Gokarna temple after which this place is named. It’s a Shiva temple which has to be followed by Ganesh temple besides it located near Main Gokarna beach. Post which we took a round on the beach which was not quite a good call because the days are very hot. After chilling at a local shack in Gokarna beach, we took an auto to head back to Zostel as it was really hot. Suggestion, don't go on the beaches from 11 am to 4 p.m. if you are not use to lot of sun.