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Om Beach

Out of the four pristine beaches here, the Om Beach is also named as the Gokarna Beach. The name 'Om' comes from the fact that the beach makes a perfect symbol of 'Om' here. It is a beautiful place but not fit for swimming as the slope is steep and thus the waves are a bit fierce. You can enjoy a picnic here or walk along the beach admiring the beautiful sceneries filled with greenery. There is also a hill nearby on top of which the famous Om Beach Resort is situated. From on top of this hill you can get clear panoramic views of the whole town.
By it was 5 O'clock, we finally manage to reach here, trekking nearly 11 Km since morning. Due to being the main beach, it was very crowed. Some of us went into the water, I prefer not to. Later we visited Mahabaleshwar temple and soon after left for Bangalore.
Ranjit Periyasami
"The sky has changed from orange to a hundred shades of pink to a dark navy blue, and here I am witnessing this beauty"
Ranjit Periyasami
OM Beach Sunset View PointWe drive from Yana to Om beach directly for sunset. Reached here around 6pm and waited some more minutes for sunset.
We headed out to Om Beach on a sunny afternoon, all set to relax watch the sunset, and head back to the hostel for a peaceful night in. Little did we know, we were in for some great surprises.What started off with being a laid-back day in the sand under the sun, slowly turned into visuals that would be ingrained in our minds forever.We watched as the sun slowly turned a sultry orange from a bright yellow, and that was our cue to go for a swim in the cold water. The waves reflected the raging red of the setting sun as they crashed ashore, and we stayed in the water to witness this magnificent sight unfold. We watched as the orange - red skies dotted with blue - grey clouds changed into the purple hues of twilight, and headed over to a shack for an early dinner.
Husein Haveliwala