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Rann Utsav

It is a festival that goes on for about 2 months showcasing the beauty, culture & traditions of Kutch & Gujarat. The true essence of the festival begins at night with endless dancing and music at the beautiful Rann of Kutch. It also offers a variety of activities like camel riding, bicycling etc.
We were took package in which we have to stay one night in dessert tent , one night in Bhunga/mud hut at Bhuj. We made advance booking for staying at dessert through Gujarat tourism.
neha ballal
Ever since I heard about the Rann utsav I wanted to go there to see it. The white salt desert seemed like a very unique concept.The Utsav starts around Nov/December and lasts till February and though I was trying to go from the start we finally managed to go there during the end of Feb.So here we were, 4 of us on the wooden upper berth of the general compartment from Ahmedabad. Off we got at Bhuj around 5 in the morning and got into a shared taxi who told us he will take us to Mandvi which is a port city.MANDVI:
Saloni Goyal
FULL MOON DATES AND FESTIVALS DURING RANN UTSAVNovember 2017 - 19 - 20 Third Weeked, 26 - 27 Forth Weeked.December 2017January 2018 - 11 - 12 - 13 Full Moon DatesFebruary 2018 - 10 - 11 - 22 Full Moon Dateshttp://www.kutchutsav.com/kutch-rann-utsav-package.html
Umang Dave
Rann Utsav organised by Gujarat Tourism during winters offers a wide range of accommodation options in the tents. Other activities includes cultural night programs, adventure sports near white desert and handicrafts shopping. Winter is the best time to visit Kutch and Rann Utsav attracts thousands of visitors every year.
 Footloose Dev
Moreover, given the facts that Rann Utsav didn't facilitate single occupancy booking; the White Desert around Dhordo was perhaps the most crowded and dirtiest as compared to other White Desert locations I'd visited; and the visit to White desert, from the tent city, is in buses instead of camel carts as otherwise advertised - it would not be wrong to say that the Rann Utsav, is a total rip off.
Aniesh Chawla
During Rann Utsav (Dec-March), tent city is setup with good quality tents and good facilities. Also a lot of shops and stalls are setup where handicraft and food items are sold. Musical and dance program is also organised for the people staying in the tent city. The best thing, about staying in the tent city is that you are at the Rann(literally) and hence can easily enjoy sunset and sunrise. But resorts which are a bit far off from the tent city are very calm and peaceful and they too host cultural programs at night.
Priyam & Shrey
The White Rann. Good for driving & photos ;)